Some of my Eurovision 2017 highlights

The dancing Azerbaijan guy in the horse mask


Norway masked guy on the drum

Graham Norton getting so unimpressed every time the hosts come on but loving Timur

U.K. Taking it seriously for once

Belarus on a spaceship

Moldova costume change

The gorilla. In a rainbow bow tie. The Gorilla.

Croatia man singing a duet by himself

Greece paddling pool gays

“That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever friggin said to me”
*look straight into camera like they’re plotting murder*

Australia’s eyebrows

Spain having the lead sing in the foreground and the two guitarists head banging in the background

All the dancing. All of it.

The shock of France singing partly in English

Israel entry’s wink

Cyprus in a feral position on the floor

Angsty Romanian guy with cute yodelling Romanian lady

Multiple acts projecting their face behind them while they sing

When Graham squealed when the people in the choir promo leaped in the air

Moldova everyday I’m shuffling dance

What is in your pocket *super long pause* MY WALLET

The random hand with the microphone during Sweden’s performance

My whole family saying the Bulgarian boys looks like a 12 year old

The Ukraine giant head

The collective saltiness over Australia from everyone who isn’t Australia

The return of our Lord and saviour Vjerka

this or that meme
  1. encyclopedias or collection of poetry gay?
  2. sketching in a museum or journaling in a café gay?
  3. love letter or serenade gay?
  4. paris honeymoon or vegas honeymoon gay?
  5. typewriter or quill and ink gay?
  6. quiet art gallery or history museum gay?
  7. brunch on the porch or supper at a classy restaurant gay?
  8. diamond chandelier or romantic candlelight gay?
  9. elegant cruise ship or smoky jazz club gay?
  10. reading under a tree or reading on a bench swing gay?
  11. carnival under the stars or morning fair gay?
  12. flowery perfume or musky cologne gay?
  13. silky beige bathrobe or monogrammed cotton robe gay?
  14. old library or vintage operahouse gay?
  15. summer in italy or summer in morocco gay?
  16. bedroom eyes or messy hair gay?
  17. ladurée macarons or chocolate soufflé gay?
  18. bowl of peaches or bowl of grapefruit gay?
  19. plush white hotel bedding or soft pink lace bedding gay?
  20. rose garden wedding or old church wedding gay?
  21. go to see a ballet or go to see a musical gay?
  22. wine in an expensive parlor or wine by an expensive pool gay?
  23. the ritz paris or chateau marmont gay?
  24. live in a historical drama or live in a noir spy film gay?
  25. balcony over the sea or balcony over the city gay?
  26. elegantly crying in a tub or elegantly crying by a lake gay?
  27. classic black heels or faux fur heels gay?
  28. old newspapers or antique radio gay?
  29. bouquet of roses or edible arrangements gay?
  30. records by 1950′s singers or classical piano music gay?
  31. world war ii films or romantic period films gay?
  32. carriage of a train on the countryside or car ride in malibu gay?
  33. receive a grammy or receive an oscar gay?
  34. elegant sail boat or luxury limousine gay?
  35. famous news journalist or famous fashion editor gay?
  36. picnic in a lush field or champagne under the moon gay?
  37. lost in a forest or lost in a museum gay?
  38. long talks or long letters gay?
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: As fantastic as Legally Blonde (2001) is, the whole gay pool boy section is awful. First off, Elle immediately comes up with the idea that he is gay purely from the fact he knows fashion. Secondly, what kind of gay man totally outs his boyfriend in front of a whole court in 2001? Not to mention there is no way a guy would fake an affair with a millionaire in order to frame her for murder and not tell his boyfriend. Lastly, and most importantly, the fact the pool boy was written off and couldn't possibly be having an affair with a woman because he is with a man is once again another example of the terrible bi-erasure that happens daily. Hell, his boyfriend probably got so pissed because he realized his love is in fact cheating on him, just as he suspected all along.

flutterhunter  asked:

"Hey, Trini, no offense, but what's it like to be a girl that's attracted to other girls?" Billy asks one day. "It's actually not that different from being any gender attracted to girls, except this time, you think 'Oh shit, she's hot.' then 'Oh shit, I'm gay." "When does that happen?" Billy asks. Cue Trini reminiscing about all the many times she has seen Kimberly and thought, "Oh shit, she's hot." then "Oh shit, I'm gay." like with pool at PE, cheer practice, and partners for bio.

Other things about Kimberly that make Trini swoon:

• The look on her face when she wins a match in training (it’s like she saved the world all over again)
• The way she can completely lose herself in a song. She’s the only other person Trini knows that does that. Trini wants to take her to every concert ever just to see her dancing with her eyes closed
• The rated G version of her Trini only gets to see when they’re babysitting her brothers. Trini doesn’t even ask her to show up, yet there she is with the latest Power Ranger toys (that the boys would never be able to afford, even with chores money) and a gentle smile

…basically Kimberly is always hot and Trini is always gay. She’ll understand that after a while.

Anonymous said: Hi i hope you feel better soon! Also, I was wondering if you do a group fic? Like maybe some of the 13rw characters playing together? the jocks, tony, clay, hannah, jeff, jessica, alex and reader playing truth or dare or spin the bottle and just pure shenanigans. It’s completely up to you. :)

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“What the hell was Hannah thinking?” You mumble, clinging onto Tony’s arm tighter as the both of you walk up the sidewalk of Jessica Davis’ home. “I can’t walk in heels!”

“A.) They’re chunky heels, so I have no idea why you’re acting like a newborn giraffe and B.) I told you to change into the sneakers I had in my car.”

“Eat me, Padilla.”

Tony laughs out loud, stopping before the front door and looking at you in amusement. “Barking up the wrong tree here, Y/L/N.”

Glad to not have to concentrate on walking, you grin at Tony and set your chin on his shoulder. “Which is why I absolutely adore telling you these things,” you coo. “You know I only say them all in good fun.”

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