• In 2009, a man married a video game character
  • In 2007, a woman married the Eiffel Tower
  • In 2008, a man married a life-sized doll
  • Also in 2009, a woman married a roller coaster
  • And in 2005, a woman married a dolphin

please explain to me why people still say that gays shouldnt be able to be married to preserve the sanctity of marraige

Some people say homosexuality is a sin. It’s not. God is perfectly cool with it, God feels the exact same way about homosexuality that God feels about heterosexuality. Now you might say, ‘Whoa, slow down. You move too fast. How could you have the audacity, the temerity, to speak on behalf of God?’ Exactly, that’s an excellent point and I pray that you remember it.
—  Ted Alexandro

Sometimes, being a Canadian on Tumblr, I get all caught up in American problems so I go out into the world thinking “Oh my god we need to legalize gay marriage! We need to protect our abortion rights! Oh my god the government shut down!” And then I remember that… I live in Canada. We have gay marriage. And abortion rights. And our government isn’t down. And actually I really like being Canadian it’s pretty awesome!