affetto - fondness
amicizia - friendship
amico - friend
amore - love
arcobaleno - rainbow
bacio - kiss
bandiera arcobaleno - rainbow flag
cuore - heart
diritto - right
famiglia - family
famiglia arcobaleno - gay family (lit. rainbow family)
marcia - march
orgoglio gay, orgoglio omosessuale - gay pride
parata - parade
uguaglianza - equality

adottare - to adopt
dichiararsi - to come out as gay
fare coming-out - to come out as gay
festeggiare - to party
marciare - to march
protestare - to protest

androsessuale - androsexual
asessuale - asexual
bi (pronounced [biː]) - bi
bisex - bisexual
bisessuale - bisexual
etero - hetero
eterosessuale - heterosexual
gay - gay
ginesessuale - gynesexual
intersesso - intersex
lesbica - lesbian
omo - homo
omosessuale - homosexual
orientamento sessuale - sexual orientation
pansessuale - pansexual
polisessuale - polysexual
saffico - sapphic
semisessuale - demisexual
transessuale - transexual

androromantico - androromantic
aromantico - aromantic
biromantico - biromantic
eteroromantico - heteroromantic
gineromantico - gyneromantic
omoerotico - homoerotic
omoromantico - homoromantic
orientamento romantico - romantic orientation
panromantico - panromantic
poliromantico - polyromantic
semiromantico - demiromantic

agenere - agender
cisessuale - cissexual
genere - gender
genere binario - gender-binary
genere non binario - non-binary gender
identità di genere - gender identity
identità di genere fluida - gender-fluid
sessualità - sexuality
spettro della sessualità - sexuality spectrum
poliamore - polyamory
poligamia - polygamy
poliandria - polyandry
poliginia  - polygyny

omofobia - homophobia
omofobo - homophobe
transfobia - transphobia
transfobo - transphobe
xenofobia - xenophobia
xenofobo - xenophobe

You know…. I’ve been reading a lot of gay lit lately so it got me thinking about Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe and I have to say that the book is so incredibly nuanced. You have the fact that both protagonists are Mexican-American, which, in itself is a pretty damn great feat, but even within that the author manages to touch upon the complexities of identity. The questions of whether or not you’re Mexican enough, or whether you’ll every truly know Mexico–to the discussion of how American society views Mexican people or people of Mexican descent–to the educational complications of fighting against this prejudice–this book proves to be a lot more than the usual coming of age gay story. It’s not centered on that. Certainly, it’s a part of the story, and an important one precisely because there is so little qpoc representation available, but by no means is this the nuclear issue at hand. Parents reconciling with their past (or failing to) and how that affects their children also plays a hugely fundamental role in the shaping of Ari’s narrative. Anger issues, depression even, are given moments of recognition all throughout the novel. I’m not trying to belittle the handling of the sexualities of the characters in the novel. Far from it. I’m just saying that the innate complexity of it doesn’t lie in the fact that the main character undergoes this great pain or toil and they need to figure out their sexuality and come to terms with it. As a matter of fact, Ari does go through a change, but it is not the tortured head-space a lot of narratives like to spool out. Since Ari, in general, is the more ‘actions before words’ character, this is also the way his perception of Dante changes. The minute it’s pointed out that he’s in love with Dante, he doesn’t fight it and he’s quick to do something about it. That is why this is such a refreshing narrative. That the characters are qpoc adds dimension and lovely representation, but most of Ari’s and Dante’s struggles come from elsewhere. Dante is blatant about his sexuality, and he’s blatant in his love for Ari, but his most troublesome struggles do come from the identity of race and ethnicity as well.

This is getting really long but in summary,,,, I just really like thinking about this book because it’s just a narrative about two Mexican-American boys enjoying summer (or,,,, trying to) while effectively carrying the very true way that inner struggles don’t only, or, majorly, pertain to sexuality.

Ultimate Victuuri FicRec List 2.0

since my first post did so well, and since my addiction to reading Victuuri fanfics has spiralled even FURTHER out of control since the original, I decided to make another of these monsters. Cinnamon rolls and sinnamon rolls are both welcome here.

I found many of these on the blog @victuurificrec and you should go follow her for even MORE recs because Hailey is a gift to this fandom. Go give her some love

original Ultimate Victuuri Fic Rec can be found here


Safety Hazards in St. Petersburg by lucycamui | 6k words | explicit

- I have NEVER seen Victor this weak. This is beautiful. This is a gift from the gods because I am weak for Victor being weak. Get rekt

The Start of Life by livixbobbiex | 20k words | explicit

- The single greatest honeymoon fic I have ever read. It’s long but it will run you through the entire emotional spectrum in the best way. Also I’m a sucker for any story where Victor has a sweet relationship with his babushka.

Warmth by SuggestiveScribe | 1k words | general

- A one shot that will give you ALL the warm fuzzies. Takes place right after The Kiss, features more kissing, and just…God. Fuck this fic, it has murdered me. Cutesy, G-rated Victuuri feels for dayssss

Security by Harlequinade13 | 5k words | explicit

- Post-canon shenanigans. Yuuri is v popular with the boys and his fiance gets jealous and then they make out at a Christmas party. It’s great. Great, I say.

UTC plus nine by anirondack | 5k words | explicit

- Don’t read this one in public, or you’ll end up like Yuuri when bae sends nudes…

Thirst by victuurikatsudon | 2k words | explicit

- DEFINITELY do not read this in public and also pray for forgiveness after you do read it, because this is nothing but sin. Sweet, sweet sin. Victor is a sex god and phone sex ensues.

Pearl of the Danube by FunnyLittleOwl | 11k words | explicit

- Some post-engagement travel shenanigans in Budapest and LOTS OF FEELS. I’m not crying, you’re crying!

The World Opened With You by DiAnna44 10k words | teen and up

- The most beautiful Musician AU in existence I s2g. Happy tears and warm fuzzy feels all around. Starts off sad, ends with Good Shit. This fic deserves so much more attention!!


The Rivals Series by Reiya/Kazliin | 268k words between 2 fics | 14 chapters and 3/8 chapters | explicit

- This series includes Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches, which is complete, and Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts, which is a WIP companion fic to UMFB&MHA. Basically the biggest fics in the fandom right now, if you haven’t read them yet I STRONGLY encourage you to do so. This shit even has a TV Tropes page. (Make sure to read Until My Feet Bleed first.)

Cause I’m a Taker, ‘Cause I’m a Giver, It’s Only Nature by ken_ichijouji | 40k words | 9/? chapters | explicit

- Canon compliant, but Victor and Yuuri actually start out as fuck buddies. Then Victor catches Feelings. Wowowowow

Twenty-Five Hours by 0lizzybennet0 | 22k words | ¾ chapters | mature

- Canon divergence where Yuuri and Victor meet by sitting next to each other on a plane. Victor doesn’t recognize Yuuri but Yuuri recognizes Victor because, well, bedroom full of posters anyone? Sexual tension ensues. Bonus: Yurio and Yakov are there too. Rip them for having to deal with The Gays

Dancing Daffodils by grayclouds | 63k words | 18/? chapters | mature

- IF YOU AREN’T READING THIS WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING WITH YOURSELF. Like, the fact that Vitya has long hair throughout should be enough for you but the fact that Yuuri is Eros, God of Love and all your favorite characters are gods should make this fic required reading.

Let’s Be Sinners To Be Saints by r_musings | 64k words | 8/? chapters | explicit

- Ok so here’s the thing: this is tagged as rape/non-con but I promise you there is no rape, there is one scene involving non-consensual touching but not between Victuuri, and there are warnings at the beginning of the chapter. That being said, THIS FIC IS GOLD AND DESERVES SO MUCH MORE ATTENTION, GO DO IT

More fics under the cut!

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You are valid no matter what shape or form your heart may take.
You are loved no matter how your brain operates.
You. Are. Important.
—  Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Different
But I wasn’t fooling myself. I was convinced that no one in the world wanted him as physically as
I did; nor was anyone willing to go the distance I was prepared to travel for him. No one had studied
every bone in his body, ankles, knees, wrists, fingers, and toes, no one lusted after every ripple of
muscle, no one took him to bed every night and on spotting him in the morning lying in his heaven by
the pool, smiled at him, watched a smile come to his lips, and thought, Did you know I came in your
mouth last night?
—  Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman

Yes, it’s the power rangers. I understand. I myself have a very well known history of despising the cheesiness of them.

But here’s the thing-


It’s gay, it’s diverse, it’s funny, it’s fun, it’s serious. There is an entire scene I’m 90% revolves around the Krispy Kreme vine. I mean the villains name is Rita Repulsa and some parts are cheesy as hell but it’s the power rangers and the five of them are lovable and fleshed out as FUCK.

And if it doesn’t do well there won’t be a second and I will physically fight every person if I don’t get to live to see the day that all the power rangers are gay and in LOVE.

If you are a teenager now, it is unlikely that you knew us well. We are your shadow uncles, your angel godfathers, your mother’s or your grandmother’s best friend from college, the author of that book you found in the gay section of the library. We are characters in a Tony Kushner play, or names on a quilt that rarely gets taken out anymore. We are the ghosts of the remaining older generation. You know some of our songs.

We do not want to haunt you too somberly. We don’t want our legacy to be gravitas. You wouldn’t want to live your life like that, and you won’t want to be remembered like that, either. Your mistake would be to find our commonality in our dying. The living part mattered more. We taught you how to dance.
—  David Levithan, Two Boys Kissing.