“ Lately, I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep
       Dreaming about the things that we could be.

But, baby, I’ve been, I’ve been praying hard -

Said, no more counting dollars
     we’ll be counting stars. “   *:・゚✧

ngl im….. suspicious of cis gay ppl……. u never know which ones r gonna be transphobic……… u Never know

so I did math so no one else would have to. if anyone asks if growing a second gay onion is worth it to get a chili, the answer is yes. yes it is. growing a gay onion is 52 rounds, growing a chili by itself is around 1331 rounds. (or 222 using all 6 plots at once)

plant your onions, friends.


anyway if you want a good metaphor for my life: my literal closet used to have those sliding doors but they weren’t put on well or something so they always came off the track at the top of the door frame and we kept putting them back on but they kept falling off again. eventually i realized it wasn’t worth it to keep putting them back on, i don’t even know where they are at this point

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God what, no
No of COURSE not I just
You know love the aesthetics…. And the…. Art…. And talent….
No homo…. Literally attraction to women has….. Nothing…. To do with this………..

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"hetromo aces are gayer than u" .................. what do they think..... "gay" means..........................

the kicker is being okay with calling hetromo aces “gay” but not “straight”

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To me it feels like an ultimate slap in the face.Some people dedicate so much of there time to this show.People look up to Sherlock and John and for them to turn around and say all of this when they have lead us on. If they didn't want johnlock to happen then they shouldn't of hinted at it which they most definitely did and they were so pissy about it imagine how much of an influence they could give to the world.Falling in love is okay,being gay is okay,having emotions is okay.Maybe I'm wrong.

You’re not wrong. You are absolutely right and I agree 100% with everything you wrote.

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~okay so I just went through I really rough couple of years where I felt alone & worthless & altogether terrible and it mostly had to do with finding out that I'm gay. I am ok now and I know it's okay to be gay etc. but my parents don't think so at all. They recently found out about my rough patch and are now asking to talk to me about it and I'm not ready to tell them how I cut myself and was suicidal and especially not ready to come out to them but they have already~ (1/2)

~said that there’s no way out of talking to them and I’m scared and I have no clue what to do~ (2/2)

Oh gosh, kiddo. I feel for you here. Since you’re okay now, I say leave out whatever you’re not ready to tell them. Since the threat is gone, I don’t see the harm in that. Maybe tell them you were depressed, but not the reason why? You shouldn’t be forced to come out before you’re ready <333

Please keep me updated? I’m sending positive vibes your way bby! <333

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Not really a question, just want to say I super appreciate you translating this manga. I didn't think I enjoyed BL-themed manga, but Kii Kanna's works have cleanly won me over into thinking gay is pretty much okay, so this may sound dumb but I'm really happy you've given us the opportunity to enjoy it as well.

I understand how you feel because BL themed manga can be very problematic and stuff and i personally don’t like BL manga’s that are just sex sex sex and more sex without any real developments on their characters. However Kii Kanna does a really good job at not following that, as well as giving us characters that we can relate to and just bond with them and i think thats wonderful.
I’m glad you really enjoy it :)

  • <p><b>Me:</b> *reads a Sherlock Holmes pastiche*<p/><b>It:</b> *Has very identifiable queer subtext, and even text in which Watson says Holmes is why he was placed on earth and it's more important than his wife*<p/><b>The author:</b> *says one of the rules to make Sherlock Holmes fanwork is to not make them gay*<p/><b>Me:</b> wow, okay. That sounds fake but okay<p/></p>