Might as well join the new Tumblr fandom that keeps popping up on my dash - Gay dessert anime

  • Name: Green tea mousse-kun (Matcha/Maa-kun)
  • Gender: Male
  • Any other characters you ship them with: Not sure yet
  • Personality: Maa-kun is usually very friendly and open to everyone he meets. He appears as a big brother type of character and is easily embarrassed/shy. As an easygoing fellow, Maa-kun tends to get along with everyone he meets. He speaks in a polite manner most of the time. One of his quirks is referring to girls either as “hime” or as “lady”. Overall Maa-kun is a modest but polite man.
  • Important Facts: Has a tall, slim figure. Stands around 5'11’’, 25 years old. His side bangs is longer on the left side (our right) of his face than the other. Maa-kun wears slacks (same color as his jacket) and white dress shoes.
  • Fun Facts: Interested in fortune telling. Good at swordplay.
  • Anything else: Not for now…

sketchy experimental thing laughs i gave up past the first 5 seconds so