GDA Opening Project!

Hello GDA peeps!!! I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I decided that I’ll attempt to create an opening for GDA using the theme song piikopoko​ made for this fandom~ If anyone’s interested in being a part of it, then follow these steps! I want to make it so that everyone who wants in can participate! It’ll also make it a lot easier for me too u//v//u Thank you for your cooperation!

NOTE: This will be a side project! So, there’s no telling when it’s actually going to get done! But I will do my best~ = 7 =

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(( The first half of my GDA Artbook contribution…………………………Loli Edition… You can tell I was gonna do more because this is only the top half of the first page.

And I said I’d do a shota version…I’m crazy… *laughs like a maniac* Someone help me……… ))


I’m late but I finished anyway aah! ε-(´・`) フ I wanted to do more but because I don’t have time I only did the first four ;; (maybe I could try to do more in the future but yeee dunno)

Anyway, thank you for letting me use your lovely ocs for practice! ヽ(;▽)ノ andsorryifIbutcheredthemaah

First row: raspberrydonut-kun || raspberrymoussekun

Second row: blackberryicecreamkun || hersheypiekun