30 Seconds of Gay. With Bob & Cheeridot


hi hello i gotta talk about this scene

in most cartoons a gay character is either really stereotypical or their coming out is some big deal but ultimately a “this person is gay but doesnt seem gay!” joke. other characters react to the gay character with disgust. characters of the same gender are scared theyre going to be hit on. 

but the way u find out the deli guy is gay is when he mentions tony. its not a joke about him being gay. the joke is in the misunderstanding. and bob, instead of acting all disgusted at the thought of getting hit on by a man, is only trying to defend himself bc hes passionate about cooking. heck, he even says hed be down for it if he wasnt married and if the deli guy wasn’t out of his league.

not only is it normalizing of gay people, it has a great representation of someone without fragile heterosexuality (bob) and it has the “straight (mostly)” individual not being a dick about being hit on by a gay person

So a scene popped in my head and it was this. What if for some reason the Falcs (and Bitty) are at Bad Bobs or Jack is skyping his parents and Bob asks the Falcs how the family skate went and this conversation happens.

Someone on the Falcs(Probably Poots): Yeah, Bad Bob, can I just call you Bob, the family skate was great we all ate a lot of pie because Jack’s boy…(turns to Jack and whispers wait does he know about…you know?) 

So Jack smirks looks at his father and does this.

Jack: Dad I’m gay

Bob: WHAT OH MY GOD! ERIC! Did you know the man you are dating is gay?

Alicia: What is going on, Bobby, what’s with all the yelling?

Bob: Did you know our son is gay?

Alicia: Oh damn, does his boyfriend know?

Meanwhile Bitty is dying of laughter and the Falcs are in various degrees of amusement/confusion. While Jack is rolling his eyes fondly. After Bitty stopped laughing he turned to Jack and said “Wait you’re gay?” Bob lost it.