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My brother and I just explained all the gay subcultures to our parents. Dad was immediately curious what he’d be, so I pulled up noodlesandbeef’s clique thingy and determined that my dad is in fact a bear, despite not being hairy enough to be one in his opinion. So that’s been my morning so far.

theres so much body negativity attached to being skinny if ur gay bc theres such a stigma attached to being labeled a twink because of internalized homophobia and internalized misogyny like let me just chill and be tall lanky and gay without forcing me into these gay subcultures that are all equally unappealing… especially if youre not even a gay/bi man like lmao leave me alone

Party Monster was released in 2003  and documents the darker side of the gay subculture of NYC and the club kid scene in the 1980s. This group of kids were alienated from the rest of society and found splice in each other. They respected each other for their creativity and passion. However being in NY drugs played a large role in these friendships and we even see the breakdown of a friendship over the murder of a close mutual friend. 

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Shut the fuck up. You're so arrogant it's gross. I'm so sick of all these white bears thinking that they're so hot and popular and shit. I really expected better from you. I should of known better because you stole other people's posts and you're friends with pizzaotter. Fuck that prick

Wowwwwww. Why are you limiting me to a fucking gay subculture that I detest to begin with? And WHAT posts have I stolen? Please. Don’t fucking throw shit at me and have no receipts. And oh my god. I’m friend with Sam pizzaotter and that’s problematic??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Get to Know Me Meme tagged by maki-is-gay (thanks!), first time doing this, i’ll try to stay serious

Time & Day: July 19, 15:05
Average hours of sleep: 9 but it’s never enough
Last thing I googled: t    (just wanted to go on tumblr but messed up)
Birthday: February 28 (pisces)
Gender: predominantly female 
Height: not tall enough (1,58m)
Fav colors: Red, blue, black
One place that keeps me happy: geographically speaking that place doesn’t exist but i’m happiest when i’m with my friends or parents

How many blankets do I sleep under: 2 (even in summer bc i can’t without)
What am I wearing: boxers…just boxers bc i’m fresh out of the shower and don’t feel like wearing clothes

Last book I read:
Gay and Lesbian Subculture in Urban China (i’m writing a seminar paper on that topic right now and need to read like a dozen of specialized literature in gender/queer studies….i’m becoming an expert gay)

Fav beverage:
fruity cocktails where I can’t taste the alcohol
Fav food: everything my mom makes…i miss her cooking (T.T)
Last movie I watched in theaters: Pitch Perfect 2 (dude I got asked if I was sixteen when I went in bc we were watching a 10 pm showing #asianproblems)

Dream Vacation:
Chilling at a beach house with friends 
Dream Wedding: a legal one
Dream Job: I honestly have no idea…ideally i would get paid for doing what fulfills me 

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The idea of “beard privilege” is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen come out of social justice. Let’s make something clear: the idea only seems to exist within the bear sub-sub-culture of gay subculture. Privilege on the other hand, is not a subcultural phenomena, but a nasty byproduct of culture on a larger scale. Not fitting into the aesthetic subculture one wants does not denote a lack of privilege, but merely a lack of personal body acceptance.


For so many years now I have dreamed of being a Go-go boy. I would love to hear the club music blasting as I just let myself go and become part of it. I would feel free. I would have no cares. The only thing on my mind would be freedom.. freedom and liberation. To be able to use this thing that God gave me to hype people up or make them feel better. That man who had a terrible day at work and came to the club just to get away and wants to be entertained. I would be that person to help. The most common thing that people think when they here the words “go-go” would be slut or whore. The truth of it all is that go-go boys aren’t paid to have sex with anyone. They are paid to dance and set a fun atmosphere. So don’t go thinking that they have sex for money. Even if that particular go-go boy tends to have a lot of sex doesn’t make him a bad person or a person who is less than. What go-go boys do in their personal life is their business. In conclusion, I really hope I can follow this dream one day. Even though my family doesn’t agree, I have a passion for it. Spread love and acceptance not lies and judgement.

seriously, it’s rather odd and whenever i encounter it all i can think is y'know i have a character like that….he is a kiddie rapist who hates women because of severe abuse so like what’s your excuse (and don’t say ‘vaginae are gross because i’m not attracted to women’ because yO BRUH WHAT UP I AM ATTRACTED TO NO ONE AND vaginae are pretty okay like they just are yo all genitals just are so don’t be shamin’ the ladybits cause uh dicks ain’t all that either)


Clementine shivers, and looks for warmth, maybe with the help of a dutch oven.

Clementine introduces this month’s interviewee Darren Hayes … Once she finds out who he is.

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