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The idea of “beard privilege” is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen come out of social justice. Let’s make something clear: the idea only seems to exist within the bear sub-sub-culture of gay subculture. Privilege on the other hand, is not a subcultural phenomena, but a nasty byproduct of culture on a larger scale. Not fitting into the aesthetic subculture one wants does not denote a lack of privilege, but merely a lack of personal body acceptance.


For so many years now I have dreamed of being a Go-go boy. I would love to hear the club music blasting as I just let myself go and become part of it. I would feel free. I would have no cares. The only thing on my mind would be freedom.. freedom and liberation. To be able to use this thing that God gave me to hype people up or make them feel better. That man who had a terrible day at work and came to the club just to get away and wants to be entertained. I would be that person to help. The most common thing that people think when they here the words “go-go” would be slut or whore. The truth of it all is that go-go boys aren’t paid to have sex with anyone. They are paid to dance and set a fun atmosphere. So don’t go thinking that they have sex for money. Even if that particular go-go boy tends to have a lot of sex doesn’t make him a bad person or a person who is less than. What go-go boys do in their personal life is their business. In conclusion, I really hope I can follow this dream one day. Even though my family doesn’t agree, I have a passion for it. Spread love and acceptance not lies and judgement.


The Vintage Gay Adult Novel

Olivier Joly curates for Polari Magazine a gallery of vintage book covers from gay novels, ranging from pulp fiction to classic literature. To see the full gallery of 17 covers follow the link below.

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