gay ships

Starting a tv show for its wlw rep? You bet!

ok so y’all know how one moment you scroll through tumblr for all the lesbian Jesus tags and then you end up coming across a post that promises a tv show you haven’t seen before has wlw representation? No? Just me? Well, fast forward to now and I’m about to start watching For The People to see what all the hype is about. I’ll keep you posted if I approve of the gays in it. Ciao 

Your Lesbian Neighbor

I kid you not. My final essay for my English class is to argue why the main character in a movie we watched is gay. Literally, that is the prompt.
My professor is making me write an essay on gay subtext. MY ESSAY IS FOR ME TO RANT ABOUT WHAT I RANT ABOUT ON TUMBLR ON A DAILY BASIS. My professor thought she was challenging us? Bitch I analyze homoerotic subtext in my sleep.

Know what I love about gay fanfiction?

It’s the only place where being gay is normal. It’s the only place I’ve ever seen a girl flirt with another girl only seconds after meeting one another. Where gay people aren’t terrified of being seen as predators or as gross. Being gay… it’s normal.

And that’s something I dream of and that’s why I love fandom. That’s why I love ships and fanfiction.

Because it’s an escape from a world that at best thinks I’m a joke, and at worst is disgusted and afraid of me.

So, thanks fanfiction. For allowing me to be me.