gay culture:

1. we can’t?? fucking?? sit properly no matter how hard we try
2. flannel tied round the waist
3. buying anything with a rainbow on it
4. anything
5. doesn’t matter how ugly it is it has a rainbow so now it’s yours bitch
6. taking the am i gay quizzes we took while questioning for nostalgia’s sake
7. we all?? love cats?? why do we all love cats so much??
8. keyboard smashes

Stop with whatever it is you’re doing and take a bit of your time to read this, to make me and so many other people happy:

Maybe you’ve already seen people talk about it, so I will keep it short.

Please start watching Anne With An E, because we need more views for a 3rd season!! Here are 4 quick reasons why, and there are many more for you to discover once you start watching:

1. It discusses important issues like racism, feminism, homosexuality, education, abuse etc. in the most beautiful way possible.

2. Poetic cinema is ON POINT literally every episode

3. The main ship, Shirbert (Anne Shirley-Cuthbert and Gilbert Blythe) is absolutely incredible and you will love it just as much as the entire fandom does.

4. Every character gets portrayed beautifully and you can really see that the actors and writers put their heart and soul into the show.

We need more views, we need more eyeballs or we won’t get a (well-deserved) season 3.

Help a desperate girl (and the rest of the Anne clan) out and start watching. Please🌻 (Also, it’s a good way to piss off the homophobic assholes who have been hating on the show since the beginning.)

Thank you💛