gay police

The results of a new survey reveal that many gay and lesbian police officers fear for the effect on their careers if they come out at work.

The survey by the Police Superintendents’ Association of England and Wales (PSAEW) polled more than 1300 senior police officers, and also showed that over 40% of officers have experienced discrimination in the workplace.

Respondents to the survey said homophobia still existed at “a subtle underlying level” within the force. One senior officer admitted they “would love to be openly gay” but did not feel they could be.

The PSAEW’s lead on LGBT policing, Chief Supt Mike Gallagher of the Metropolitan Police, said the findings were “frustrating and unacceptable”.

“It is very disappointing that we are still talking about this as an issue in 2014,” he said.

Anarchy and Order

A juxtaposition from the Brighton Pride Parade yesterday… 

1 Gay and Lesbian police officers from Sussex Constabulary

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2 The anarchist who was dancing in front of them

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3 Banksy’s kissing policemen (not on parade, just for the helluvit)

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More photographs from the Brighton Pride Parade 2012 here

Are the police a gay thing?

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Police. Pigs. Coppers. we have lots of names for them, but the one most conspicuously missing from the list is homosexual.

now, im not saying all police officers are gay, but there has to be a reason so much fetish ware is police themed.

have you ever seen a bunch of cops together? have you ever noticed that in any group of two or more there is sexual tension? the way they eye each others guns longingly, how wuick they are to complement one another when they “take someone down”, and dont even get me STARTED on the group showers. 

And did i mention full cavity searches?

the police are definitely a gay thing.