gay interest

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Happy Pride Month! I’ll actually be going to my first pride parade this year so I’m super excited to meet more people and maybe make some more friends!

The meaning of the phrase “coming out” itself expanded as the war began to change gay life. In the 1930s “to come out” or “to be brought out” had meant to have one’s first homosexual experience with another person. But by 1941 gay men and women were using “coming out” to mean that they had found gay friends and the gay life […] A person could come out by “dropping hairpins” that one was “queer” […] when one felt safe or daring enough, one could come out all the way by pulling out every last pin and “letting one’s hair down”, a phrase that by World War II already had migrated into popular slang from gay culture.

Allan Bérubé, Coming out under fire: the history of gay men and women in World War Two (1990)

i want a gf and i want to be able to hold her and give her flowers and send her little love letters with cute surprises in them