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well since PWR BTTM is cancelled. time to break out the good ol’ list of “”LGBT bands and artists you might have heard of but if you haven’t, definitely need to be listening to them””**  my favs are gonna be bolded

The Cliks - if you haven’t heard Lucas cover ‘take me to church’ then go the fuck home. also, dirty king is a jam

LEIF - AMAZING gay rapper. 

Angel Haze - they’re perfect

Ladyhawke - funky autistic lesbian synthpop 

Eli Lieb - i honestly only listen to his lana covers BUT he does have some good original music lol

SÄLEN  - gay as fuck synthpop 

Spoonboy - Linus and Me is good. anything that’s punk w/ trumpets is A+ to me

Beth O’Reiley - gay as fuck and acoustic. does a lot of covers but her original songs are pretty great. 

Radical Face - gay man, makes rly chill music. gives me death cab vibes. but gay

Dodie Clark - bi and a beautiful voice. her ‘teenage dream’ cover with tessa violet is v gay

Years And Years - funky gay beats and rly good vocals

Wasi - Gay synthpop and its fucking amazing

Mykki Blanco - Hip Hop/R&B and rly fucking good

MIKA - theatrical shit. a little too campy for me. but some ppl rly like him

Neon Trees - “songs i can’t listen to” is my favorite by them

Passion Pit - didn’t know the lead singer was gay until recently bc im lame. but i love their music

WoodKid - tbh idk how to describe woodkid. but he’s gay and makes good music

PVRIS - reminds me of troye sivan but lesbian and way more rock

Beatrice Eli - “girls” is the gayest song ive heard in a long time 

Ria Mae - “clothes off” comes as a close second to the gayest song ive heard in a long time

Adore Delano - was on americna idol, became a drag queen, katy perry meets ke$ha but also gay

Courtney Act - was on australian idol as a drag queen, is actually genderqueer and a pretty good singer

Shura - chill vibe, late night car rides, kinda sad, kinda not. very lesbian

Pansy Division - gay greenday 

Perfume Genius - my sad gay husband tbh

Tom Goss - a little bit country a little bit rock n’ roll. all gay

Mr. Twin Sister - ‘Blush’ makes me wanna kiss a boy in a smokey bar 

Rostam - used to be apart of vampire weekend and his music had a lot of the same sound. (also check out vampire weekend lol)

the XX - a gay man and a lesbian make some sad tunes my dudes. the song “angels” took on a whole new meaning when i found out they were gay

Superfruit - The two gays from pentatonix have some good disco-style jams

**honourable mentions bc you’ve probably already heard of them: Sia, Debbia Harry/Blondie, Elton John, Freddie Mercury, Mary Lambert, Sam Smith, Troye Sivan, Frank Ocean, Hayley Kiyoko, Tegan and Sara, Todrick Hall, Willow Smith, Adam Lambert, The B-52s, 


Requested by @http-destiel ; “can you do a nick robinson smut where he comes home from a shoot and the reader is hanging out with a (gay) guy friend but nick doesnt know he’s gay and gets jealous so when the friend leaves nick and the reader have rough jealousy/hate sex and afterwards she tells him the friend is gay? thanks! xx💖”


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fanon Elide is so gay here’s some proof okay:

  • “Elide,” the woman says, and she wants to weep at how her name sounds so beautiful on her tongue, soft and clear and wondrous. Her smile is sharp, a flash of teeth and curved lips. 
  • …. Elide can feel the tug of her heart, the telltale string that has begun to wind around Elide’s very being that pulls her towards Manon.
  • “I am not wanting for anything.” It is a lie, because Manon sits so closely but is too far away, and the light casts a glow upon her hair that looks like a halo. Elide drops her gaze to full lips and bright teeth before forcing herself to tear her gaze away.
  • Need, not want. The bond has only grown stronger, and continues to do so with every passing second, every stolen glance and fantasy. Need.
  • Elide is rlly gay ok
  • Her eyes are dark against her skin, the darkness of the night compared to the brilliance of the moon. Her fingers are comets, and Elide feels like she has seen the universe.
  • tbh this is more like proof that metaphors and similes can help make things 10x more gay ok bye 

( @athenax im drowning these gay witches s o in lo ve this isnt even realistic they’ve known each for like two days hel p??)