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Pick Up Lines ft. Kai
Lesson one: how to get ur man to fall 4 u again

Kai: damn boy, you got a ninja in those pants? bc ur ass is kickin’ 👀👌🏻👌🏻

Lloyd: what r u, gay?

Kai: dude we’re married

Lloyd: i know i love it lol

Honestly, Dimension 404 is weird as fuck but that episode with Constance Wu as a lesbian Army therapist with a beautiful daughter and a gorgeous wife was everything I never asked for. Like why is no one talking about if? Like QWOCs in love?! Give me more of it! I love how casual that whole episode was and I love that their last name was Lee, I love that it was some random ass Christmas episode in the middle of Spring, and I love that there’s no white people involved (except for the director but I couldn’t care less about her. I got my gays of color). Like, I want more QWOCs in love on my dash


K totally not Disney related but YEY my Ru doll is here!

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There’s this moment that’s always stuck with me, when Mako says: “But then I realized, I had to figure out who I was without a lady in my life.”

After Mako says that, Wu says, “I know what that’s like.” And then he kind of stumbles with his words when he adds “I mean to need distance from woman.” And then he laughs, almost nervously, before saying “Because I have so many, all over me, all the time.”

Take note of Wu’s body language as he says this:

He looks to the side, his facial expression reveals that he’s trying to convince Mako what he’s saying is true, and his arms are crossed over his chest, maybe because he’s not feeling very confident as he says this.

Then it cuts to Mako. I guess this might just be me, but I’ve always felt Mako has a disbelieving facial expression here. Probably because one eyebrow is raised, almost as though he is questioning whether or not what Wu is saying is true. Or maybe he thinks Wu is a complete dork and just wants to get on with telling his story.

But I don’t know. It seems to me that there’s something under the surface.

This scene is one of many reasons I have the headcanon that Wu is gay, but in denial, and perhaps trying to put up a front by acting so interested in girls all the time. Am I the only one who gets this impression??

And Wu is most definitely crushing on his boyfriend bodyguard throughout all of book 4. That’s apparent in the way he looks at Mako, the way he’s always so physical with Mako, how he’s close to him when he can be (and closer than strictly necessary), how he’s always putting his arm around him, and so on. But that’s another post for another time.


  • Ninjago: Jay and Nya are dating
  • Fandom: Nya is lesbian and Jay is gay
  • Ninjago: Zane and Pixal are dating
  • Fandom: Pixal is lesiban.
  • Ninjago: Kai and Skylor are a couple
  • Me: I don't know why I go on Tumblr anymore.
  • BONUS:
  • Fandom: Don't ask why but Wu is gay too