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Anon reply to that anon : "This anon" is a proud gay woman in a happy relationship ( and an atheist) and she made a JOKE. tumblr has no chill I'm sorry you had to see that. Jeez why is everything identity politics around here :/

I do think it was just meant as a joke and do think that both anons don’t mean badly. That being said, I really don’t want this blog to be a source of discourse so I think we should just put this to bed and assume everyone meant well and that at the very worst, they just may have come across more harsh(?) than they intended.

I do appreciate you wanting to show support though as Tumblr can be kind of a scary place and there are plenty of examples of things getting out of hand. Let’s end this on a good note. 

Because gay isn’t only 17 year old white kids that come from middle to upper class homes. And Black Love isn’t just straight couples that enforce gender roles and women with perfect bodies, a quiet tongue, and a womb always ready to create. This is also the face of Black Love. And its beautiful. -ShiShi

My kinks include:

• choking
• keep choking me
• literally just end my life

Reminder to all the Christian LGBT+ individuals who have been told they are going to hell or that God hates them:

God loves everyone, no matter what gender you are or who you love, God will love you. Being LGBT+ does not mean you’re going to hell, I promise