gay verbal abuse

Growing up I was told you can be anything you want,
And yet I grew up in a house where I was also told,
Being gay is wrong, you cant possibly like someone when they have the same parts as you do.
My first crush was in 2nd grade,
Pink hair, that was so cool to me, and such a cute smile.
Then in 5th grade another,
Curly hair and a personality that blew me away.
I realised for the first time though that I was gay in 7th grade,
And when my dad found out I was dating someone,
He took me onto the back porch, he said,
I will love you until the day you die but then you’re going to hell.

Growing up I was told you can be anything you want,
And yet still I was forced into skirts and dresses.
Sit like a lady, you’re a beautiful girl they said,
You’re gonna make the boys fall all over you some day.
But I don’t want that!
Be quiet, hold your tongue, be a lady.
I’m not a lady!
But I was never given that choice.
Astronaut, teacher, scientist, inventor? Sure,
But a boy? Never.
That was never an option, not even in my mind.

Growing up I was told I could be whatever I wanted to,
But I wasn’t given the chance to be who I am.

—  “Anything You Want” A poem I wrote

I’m gonna try to start something, and even if it doesn’t get big, Ill still be happy that I gave support to a friend in need. I have a friend, who I’m not going to name but is welcome to show themselves if they like, who is going through verbal abuse at home. Their father made a big deal about one situation, screaming at them they cut one side of their hair off with a pair of kitchen scissors, that really tipped me over the edge. I vowed to cut the side if my hair off to support them. I want as many people as possible to join in and shave the side of their hair off to show support for kids who have to go home and be verbally or physically abused by their own families.
That's Just Mean - YouTube

Please take a minute to watch this amazing video brought to you by the lovely watching-what-happens who describes the video as follows:
Basically, I made a video last week that did a bit of an experiment on how young men would react to having to read misogynist or gender exclusive things I found from twitter out loud and on camera.

Please share this with friends and family.
Reblog this, Facebook post, Tweet it.
Get this powerful and moving video out there! Thank you. Lots of love peoples!!
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Homophobia PSA

What homophobia is.

1. Disliking or hating people that are homosexual because they are homosexual.
2. Choosing to not to hire someone with the exception of a religious job like a pastor, because they are gay.
3. Supporting violence against gay people because they are gay
4. Harassing and verbally abusing someone because they are gay

What homophobia isn’t

1. Refusing to attend a gay wedding because you have a moral or religious objection.
2. Refusing bake a cake or sell a dress for a gay wedding because you have a moral or religious objection
3. Not wanting to see a gay couple kissing in public
4. Choosing to not allow your children to have a gay relationship while they live under your roof because of a moral or religious objection
5. Kindly sharing your opinion that homosexuality is a sin