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  • me: y'all need to chill??? just because the protagonists are both male does NOT mean they're gay?? honestLY you all jump to conclusions waaaay too suddenly and only appreciate the "gayness" and not the plot of this anime?? jfC
  • also me: oWo what's this?? two male characters brimming with hatred for each other?? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
My Top Anime Recommendations

1. Haikyuu!! This is about volleyball. One of my first anime obsessions. It has so much comedy tho, and a lot of salty ass bitches and APPRECIATION FOR SHORT PEOPLE. I really recommend if ur new to anime. So far, I’m pretty sure it’s over but season 4 might be coming in 2017. It’s a sports anime about volley, as I mentioned and any mention of volleyball will trigger characters. 

 2. Yuri!!! On Ice A very gay ice skating show. Most of you have probably already watched it. It makes me cry way too much. And there’s a lot of kids you might want to adopt. Basically, if you ever wanted anything from your otp, watch this show and you’ll get double of that. Disadvantage is that it raises expectations for all animes smh.

 3. Tokyo Ghoul THIS IS THE SADDEST AND MOST BAD ASS ANIME EVER. Honestly, it made me so so so so upset. I cried a lot. But it’s like super cool. It has gruesome parts and a lot of things that might trigger suicidal people, those who hurt themselves or those who’ve been abused. If blood makes you uncomfortable, don’t watch. Other than that, it’s actually got a great plot and story and characters are amazingly developed. There’s a guy who’s slightly deranged tho, and a drag queen but those details can be skipped over. 

 4. Charlotte The reason I like this is because there’s a badass girl in this like what the fUck. They have supernatural powers and it’s cool BC the main character actually misused them like all the time it’s hilarious but later on he becomes so amazing and he’s so ffing domeSTIC AND CUTE. Also he’s very salty  AND OMG TE FINALE WAS AMAZING LIKE THE GUY, HE IS SO FUCKING COOL IT HAD ME CRYING SO HARD DEFFO ONE OF THE BESTEST ANIME

5. Bungou Stray Dogs Literally you will fall in love with the main character so fast lmao. Suicide mentions like, constantly. At first, it’s supposed to be humor but in the second season; the arc of one of the characters is so good and will explain why he mentions suicide so much. AGAIN WITH THE HUMOR. And unlike other supernatural animes I’ve watched, this one doesn’t make people with powers the bad guys. They’re very appreciated. 

6. Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi / Escape The plot is amazing. Made me cry a lot. The characters are great. Basically, it’s about how this guy goes back in time to prevent things from happening and oh mY GOSH ITS GREAT. 

7. Ajin 

Another super cool supernatural one. definitely worth it. Graphics are great and so are the characters. Its ongoing and the second season is about to end. you’ll seriously feel love/hate

 8. Free! Any mention of water will make main character strip. Quite gay. I haven’t watched all of it but I’m about to finish it in a few episodes. Again, this is good for anime beginners. Also, trigger warning for those who’re afraid of drowning.

9. K. That’s literally what it’s called. I think it stands for Kings but yeah. It’s also really good and it’s about head clans that are looking for a colorless king who can transfer into different people ad make them do awful things so they get targeted by the different clans (blue, red, etc)

10. Mob Psycho 100 ~ THIS IS A MUST WATCH. I keep adding new animes I know but this is important. It’s humor is on point, unexpected twists are everywhere. The characters are lovable and it’s really good for beginner supernatural anime. It’ll make you cry and laugh.

BONUS : DEATH NOTE. Okay, the plot is incredible. Things that you won’t be able to think of and they’ll leave you mind blown. Characters are human af like it’s supernatural but everything is so natural, like the nature of people. Warning: like, everyone dies. Don’t get too attached to characters. But yeah, it’s an old anime and has 37 episodes in total I think, but it’s super good!!

That’s about my top 10 (plus one bonus)

aside from being my best friends in japan/having me on their netflix account so I basically feel like family

I live for the amount of media exposure they get in Japan for gay stuff 

Posting this on mobile but the link of NHK’s brief Tokyo Rainbow Pride coverage can be found here

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Nobuyoshi Araki x Shunjuku’s Golden-Gai, Tokyo

1. Tokyo Comedy, (Korinsha Shuppan 1997)

2. 東京物語 Tokyo Story, (Heibonsha 1989)

3. & 4. 写狂人大日記 Photo Maniac Big Diary 1990-1999, (Switch Publishing, 2000)

5. Golden Gai, Shinjuku. 2015

6. Tokyo Nude, (Mother Brain 1989)

7. 色景  Shikeiki Colorscapes, (Magazine House 1991)

8. Shinjuku Golden Gai, November 2016

9. Google streetview

LGBT Representation in Anime

Is gay representation in anime good or bad? “Usually it’s great,” said the panelists of “That’s Gay! LGBT Representation in Anime,” a wife and wife team. “However, it can be pretty mixed.”

There is, and has always been, a lot more LGBT content in anime than there is in American media, but this isn’t as progressive as it sounds, explained panelist Judith Fisch. However, a lot of these LGBT anime characters fall into some tiresome tropes. Gay men can be portrayed as feminine and predatory. Gay women are considered to be going through “a phase.” And don’t get started on trans characters, who are often added purely for comedy.

Furthermore, gay representation is subtler than it would be in America. For examples, Japanese viewers of Yuri!!! On Ice perceived “Please be my coach forever,” as a marriage proposal. Meanwhile, American viewers didn’t see this as overtly as its creators intended. Blink and you’ll miss it!

The panel discussed problematic LGBT representations in anime before settling on some progressive modern recommendations. Here are a few to check out:

  • What Did You Eat Yesterday? A slice of life manga about a gay couple’s daily routine with a focus on what they cook and eat. Shiro and Kenji experience daily microaggressions and navigate life in modern Tokyo as gay men.
  • Yuri!!! on Ice. The panelists noted that this show aired in the middle of the night because it was perceived as almost too progressive.
  • Yuri Kuma Arashi. By the creator of Revolutionary Girl Utena, this artistic show plays with the stereotypes of “predatory” and “pure” lesbians—with literal bears and lilies.
  • Sasameki Koto. The straightforward story of a lesbian in high school who is closeted and another who is out. It’s a love story with a happy ending.
  • Wandering Son. A sympathetic story about a trans boy and a trans girl who become friends as they begin to come of age. 

(Screenshot via Yuri!!! On Ice.)

—Lauren, AB Staff Blogger

Interested in traveling to Tokyo?

Here are some helpful tips to consider when going to visit some of the most touristy locations!

I sure wish I knew a couple of these when I went.