gay t shirts

I want some positivity for butches and femmes– not just who date each other, but also for those who date girls who aren’t butch or femme 

femmes dating sporty tomboys
butches dating flowery pan girls
femmes dating sleepy gay girls in comfy t-shirts
butches dating mature business lesbians
femmes dating punk queer girls
butches dating beautiful badass bi girls
femmes dating nonbinary activist women
butches dating cuddly androgynous women

any butch or femme dating women
-who aren’t butch or femme and/or
-who aren’t lesbians

you’re wonderful and your relationship is super cute
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I have absolutely no regrets.

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Feel free to request a simple design like you see here! I’m working on “it’s not bi if i died” at the moment but i need more things to make.