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My reactions to seeing my OTP

*sees my otp*

*vibrates intensely with the urge to scream over my ships*

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Hey guys so I decided after long time of debating to make a fanfic so yeah as you can see its a klance fanfic and if you like to check it out feel free to do so


He didn’t call him Nitori like he usually does, hell he didn’t even call him Aiichirou. No, he called him Ai,a sweet, friendly little nickname. 

All Nitori ever wanted was for, well, Senpai to notice him. He was always supportive of Rin, saw them as friends, and you know it hurt that poor kid that somewhere inside, he knew that they weren't friends, that he was really just some tagalong little fanboy. But no. He WAS more than that. And Rin regretted not showing him that.

Also, when Rin apologized to Nitori for yelling at him, I don’t think he was only talking about earlier that day. I like to think he was referring to ALL the times he yelled at him. All the times he yelled “Shut up, Nitori!" and flipped his shit on him and stormed out on him when all he was trying to do was help. Rin was sorry for ever yelling at Nitori.

I don’t know, this just doesn’t seem like a little thing to me, that Rin called him a friendly, casual nickname, as if they were friends all along. Because, hell, they were friends all along. Rin just never showed it, or realized it, until now.