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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

“Ah… this guy’s a crafty one…”

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  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Brendon Boyd Urie has literally kissed Dallon James Weekes on stage and said "and I'd do it again" and the stage gay was the best thing that ever graced this shit hole of a planet and stupid ass fans kept bringing it up to the band members and drove a wedge between The Forehead Man and The Stilts Man and got the stage gay taken away from the rest of us good fans simply aching for a gay fix of gayness

A recent selfie from Sadachi Momoko, our new Saeko-neesan!  

She has previously been in the Sailor Moon Musicals as one of the Witches 5, and in the second One Piece Live attraction show (so not concurrently with Takato).  

being a panic stan is so morally testing like are you a hardcore ryan stan? a hardcore brendon stan? in the grey middleground? do you believe that panic! is brendon’s or that he needs to back down? do you think he has the right to sing camisado? pre-split or post split? was ryden real? is fanfic okay? is the milk fic okay? is stage gay queerbaiting? what the fuck is this fandom.

eurovision alignments
  • Lawful ballad: Typically kind of boring, but qualifies because you can't NOT vote for it or else you'll look like a jerk. Probably about love. Or peace.
  • Neutral ballad: Trying to be a power ballad but the singer just isn't that good. Maybe about love, but not in a guilt-trippy kind of way. Sounds better in studio.
  • Chaotic ballad: Strong, overly dramatic power ballad. Either the best thing you've ever heard or just way too extra. There is no in between.
  • Lawful schlager: Upbeat and really generic, like it's trying to make sure it qualifies. Probably written by someone from Sweden.
  • Neutral schlager: Passes for a normal pop song, at least mostly. Incredibly radio-friendly. Gets a lot of jury votes.
  • Chaotic schlager: Not quite a joke entry, but could be mistaken for one if you squint. Lots of glitter and exposed skin. Why people think Eurovision is gay.
  • Lawful crazy: The staging and outfits and pretty much everything looks like a fever dream, but the entry still resembles a song. 10/10 would dance to while drunk.
  • Neutral crazy: Any entry that just screams, "hey, we REALLY don't feel like hosting next year." Almost never qualifies. Just as planned.
  • Chaotic crazy: Looks and sounds like a shitpost, because they put serious effort into making sure it looks and sounds like a shitpost. Gets a fuckton of televotes.

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plz tell what are the levels of being gay. like whats after baby gay but not like Experienced™ gay.... for research

Well there’s Gay Panic Baby Gay™.

There’s Thinking About It Baby Gay™.

There’s Drinking About It Baby Gay™.

There’s Coming Out Without Saying The Word Baby Gay™.

There’s Remembering All Your Tiny Gay Crushes Baby Gay™.

There’s Smooth AF Baby Gay™.

There’s Dear Sweet Lesbian Jesus A Girl Likes Me Baby Gay™.

There’s Giddy Baby Gay™.

There’s Nose Scrunching Domestic Bliss Bay Gay™.

There’s Confident and Flirty Baby Gay™.

There’s Making Ridiculous Bets with Her and Being Secretly Happy About Losing Because Anything With Her is Winning Baby Gay™.

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Holy Fuck Coming Out Via Introducing My Girlfriend to my Back-From-the-Not-Dead-Father Baby Gay (admittedly not a stage many of us experience)™.

ryden 64/365
fever era ryden is so hot like fuck. me. up.