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a few underrated book recs

i don’t see enough of these books so i decided to make a post about them so more people will read them:

-the darkest part of the forest by holly black (ya; fantasy; stand alone; listen y’all the boy gets the prince in this one its glorious)

-the coldest girl in coldtown by holly black (ya; fantasy; stand alone; not as gay but still very enjoyable i even did a project on it)

-tithe by holly black (ya; fantasy; series; the first book is tithe and this series is actually connected to tsc im pretty sure like its about the unseelie and seelie courts yall)

-all for the game by nora sakavic (i think its ya?; sports gays; first book is the foxhole court; i know that it’s all over my blog but why isnt this book fucking #1 on every list im pissed about this its the best thing ive ever read but major tws)

-daughter of smoke and bone by laini taylor (ya; fantasy; series; this one is so wild and creative and i love it so much)

-lockwood & co by jonathan stroud (this is more like pjo series level not ya; paranormal; series; the first book is called the screaming staircase and its so cute and enjoyable its about a ghost hunting company basically)

-the lunar chronicles by marissa meyer (ya; scifi; series; the first book is cinder and its all retellings of fairy tales but scifi and badass)

-fangirl by rainbow rowell (ya; realistic; stand alone HOWEVER if you have heard of carry on that is literally the fanfiction the protagonist was writing in fangirl so they are connected)

-carry on by rainbow rowell (ya; fantasy; stand alone however as mentioned above its connected to fangirl)

-legend by marie lu (ya; dystopian; series; first book is legend)

-the secret history by donna tartt (this one is adult for sure; realistic; stand alone; this is easily the best standalone book i have ever read and really tied as the best book ive ever read)

-red queen by victoria aveyard (ya; fantasy i guess idk what genre this would actually be? dystopian? scifi? idek; series; first book is red queen)

-slasher girls & monster boys (this is a ya i guess horror/thriller compilation from several authors including marie lu, leigh bardugo, and others)

please go read these books and i hope y’all enjoy them as i have!!!

anonymous asked:

hey, do you have any gay + sports or gay + fantasy book recs? thank you!!

indeed i do (i hope) (nb: all are mcs unless i’ve noted otherwise, all have happy endings, no i have not recced any where there’s a bury-your-gays trope going one - unless the series is not finished in which case i can’t promise anything. i swear this isn’t supposed to be a disclaimer.)

gay + sports (some of these are not so good but i’m including all those i rated 2 stars and above just because otherwise i’d have basically none - which is the case anyway but whatever)


gay + fantasy (rip there aren’t many)


that’s it :(