gay spooning

The position that made me feel more in love than i already did. 

I fully believe that even though there are hard times, people with bpd are fully capable of maintaining a stable and strong relationship, the internet is overreacting with all of this diagnosis stuff, or atleast i hope so. Or maybe all these bad break ups are because the partner who hasn’t got bpd just can;t handle and understand their loved one properly.

Patience, understanding and support. That’s all it is. 

Oh and the odd snuggle too. -J


So as a kid u don’t think about dating as much as u do when your a teen! We’ll I hate being single!!!! The sad thing is I never dated anyone of my life time!! So yes I’ve been single for a really long time!! And it sucks like a bitch!! Loneliness kills me a lot and I don’t think I can take much more of it!!! I really wish I had a boyfriend to make things better but I don’t!! Ughhhh wish life came with instructions!!

You know, when you grow up your parents always tell you what silverware to use for what food right? Spoons for soup, knife to cut, fork for things you need to stab to eat. And if you try to eat your steak with a spoon they tell you no, and give you fork. For the longest time i thought that was the only way silverware worked and you had to use what every one tells you is right, right? Well recently I started using spoons for most things and I don’t know why I decided to but I’ve come to the realization that I don’t even like forks. I like spoons, and I was just using a fork because everybody told me I should and even though I secretly wanted the spoon I just used the fork instead. I think that’s what it’s like to be gay in today’s society like everyone tells you the “right way” but they don’t give you any real reason you can’t have a spoon, they just give you a fork and insist THAT YOU ALWAYS USE A FORK well you don’t have to. You can use that spoon all you want.