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Miranda Hart appreciation post.

I seriously don’t know why Miranda’s sitcom wasn’t more popular on tumblr! I mean it has:


Gay marriage

Body confidence (but also lack of)

Failing at new year’s resolutions

Failing at job interviews and generally being an adult

Social awkwardness

And the occasional existential crisis

Not to mention feminism and bad jokes! Seriously, if any of this applies to you, you should check it out!

ok poll for my sitcom title:

-midland (bc like idk I’ve always liked the title and also their adults who are just really starting their lives stuck in the middle of finally being like truly truly adults and still being confused about everything)
-4 gays and a straight guy (self explanatory)
-Gay Sitcom (it’s my tag for it right now)
-it’s always raining in west eugene
-Slobs (i feel like this could get whacky)
-none of us are stem majors so we’re all fucked: the five season television experience

sample dialogue:
  • Chris: so whenever you just wanna have a hands free fuck you go for a straight girl??
  • piper: yup. Well, I mean there's some guidelines. She's gotta be open to it. You give her a little hey there, make s lesbian stance. If she's open to experimentation then it's smooth sailing from there.
  • Chris: well why not just hook up with another gay chick wouldn't it be easier?
  • Piper: mm mm nope. we lesbians are a weird breed and whenever we hook up there's always this kind of tension of is this a one time thing? are we gonna get serious? because we still live in a world where it's like we MIGHT get killed so if we're sleeping with each other it is after some careful consideration. Straight girls who are up for experimentation are good for just the fun stuff because they're usually just enthusiastic to orgasm in the first place--no offense.
  • Chris: I can't tell if I have the right to be insulted by that.
  • Piper: anyways then afterwards if they liked it they want to spread their wings and fly like beautiful little birds. I don't fit into that equation. And if it ended up not being for them, what's done is done.
  • Chris: that's...that's kind of really sad
  • Piper: it's the lesbian lifestyle, chrispy kreme
another sample of dialogue from the other end of the group:
  • ronny: okay if we are going to do this we CANNOT go overboard
  • cassandra: when have I ever gone overboard
  • deb: last year you nearly set a professor's lawn on fire because he gave you a D
  • cassandra: that is completely beside the point, the guy took off points for grammar he deserved it. anyways I was thinking we could either go with vandalism or personal attack in terms of revenge
  • ronny: personal attack would go too far, I think. could be very incriminating. vandalism is the way to go. should we teepee his house?
  • deb: when I said I wanted revenge I just meant, like, a bad review on rate my professor not keying his car
  • cassandra: oh! that's a good idea, write that down
  • ronny: *writing furiously* deb, how can you call yourself an anarchist if you can't raise a little anarchy?
  • deb: well technically I'm an anarcho-communist--
  • cassandra: and professor Beverly is over the age of forty and as such there's a fifty percent he voted for bush, so. tag his garage?

Wacky gay ass sitcom idea:

Kind hearted lovable satanist and their neighbor a newly laicized ex-priest bond during awkward visits to the park across from their townhouse.

The satanist has a pet iguana/some other giant lizard on a leash. They have named her “Benjamina” and often call her “Benny Baby” while crooning and feeding her bits of cabbage.

The ex-priest has an ancient and arthritic pitbull/rottweiler mix who is huge and slobbery and loves kisses and pets. Her name is “Tiny” and she wears a giant blue bow on her studded collar.

Benjamina and Tiny nap in sunny spots together. Tiny loves this weird spikey dog, and Benjamina is confused but accepting of this strange lumpy drool machine.

The satanist is kind of a run of the mill metal head/goth stereotype, and seems to listen exclusively to orchestra or operatic metal. They work as an IT contractor, and are v queer, v non binary, v into black lipstick, etc.

The ex-priest struggles with generic issues re: faith, no longer really being catholic, and internalized self loathing and guilt, bc I’m a predictable asshole who projects and is bitter abt the Vatican.

The two of them fall in love, support each other’s interests, argue mildly about interior decoration, and cause quite a ruckus every time they go to family get togethers.