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Le Duo: if Gaston and Lefou starred in their own sitcom 

Honestly tho this would be like one of those sitcoms that are really funny in the beginning then get kinda emotional as the series goes on… it would start with Gaston, with the help of his friend and wingman, Lefou, trying to get Belle to say yes to a date with him and miserably/hilariously failing every time. But the thing is, it would get really feelsy soon because Lefou would start to realize he has feelings for his friend, and Gaston will soon realize the same, and there’ll be a finale that makes us all cry buckets and ahhh suddenly I don’t want this show anymore


1940s beach babes

Miranda Hart appreciation post.

I seriously don’t know why Miranda’s sitcom wasn’t more popular on tumblr! I mean it has:


Gay marriage

Body confidence (but also lack of)

Failing at new year’s resolutions

Failing at job interviews and generally being an adult

Social awkwardness

And the occasional existential crisis

Not to mention feminism and bad jokes! Seriously, if any of this applies to you, you should check it out!

hey its been a while since i talked about my gay sitcom idea

another episode idea: so chris gets a girlfriend, and she’s like…kinda cultish? like hippie commune cult like. but the thing is she makes rly good edibles so everyone in the group is like yeah sure we’ll tolerate this straight girl for this. and chris is totally gone for her to the point of like delusion its wild. anyways she invites them all to this cool hippie festival, and theyre all like sure yeah we’re down n cassandras excited bc she’ll have good vegan food n deb n piper r excited bc it means they might meet their gay hippie farming wives n ronny’s going bc everyone else is n he’s like, mad into chris let me remind u so they all hop into the van n drive down.

turns out this thing is like fifteen people in a trash field all dropping acid and in possession of loaded guns, and its not so much hippie lesbian farmers as rly old creepy bums who’ve grown their hair out so they think theyre oppressed. long story short the whole group is kinda pseudo kidnapped by this group n chris’s gf, and chris is still p gone so he’s like guys isnt this awesome?? this is so awesome right?? anyways deb n piper are also just like. completely blitzed on chris’s gf’s edibles bc they were absolutely starving so theyre kinda just feeling it, too which leaves cassandra n ronny to basically save them all. they construct this HUGE plan, like all survivor-like, to watch everyones movements n sneak attack them n take the van back into town but it gets screwed up when piper starts trying to follow them around n talking loudly about everything they’re doing. so the bums n chris’s gf n everyone else in the cultgroup r like hey yeah ur gonna die tomorrow n then they go n party n at this point chris has given up trying to keep the illusion of happiness alive n is freaking out but come morning everyone in the group is passed out from partying beforehand so everyone just kinda tiptoes over everybody and heads home and the moral of the story is dont trust straight women 80% of the time


quotes from just some of my favorite songs by bo burnham. feel free to change the pronouns / names / punctuation whatever ! 

  • “ what’s funny ? ”
  • “ my ex girlfriend had a really weird fetish. she liked to dress up as herself & act like a fucking bitch all the time. ” 
  • “ if you can’t beat them , join ‘em. ”
  • “ i make all the single ladies ‘ oh (name) ! ’ ”
  • “ i swear i’m straight. ” 
  • “ just do a chinese accent. ” 
  • “  fuck my life, I don’t fuck my wife so fuck my wife & fuck my life. ” 
  • “ my daughter’s a whore like another girl who used to be her mother. ” 
  • “ my son is gay, but not sitcom gay. ”  
  • “ & i masturbate because i’m the only one whose standards are low enough to fuck me! ”
  • “ we had a helluva ride.” 
  • “ well, i motherfucking lied. ” 
  • “ just shut up ! ” 
  • “ fuck the system. ” 
  • “ it’s not jesus. it’s cheez - its, right ? ” 
  • “ you think i’m joking ? ” 
  • “ art is dead. ” 
  • “ tonight at ten the world is ending again. ” 
  • “ only on the channel 5. ” 
  • “ i’m a faggot. ” 
  • “ no girls wanna fuck me, trust me. ” 
  • “ i don’t give a fuck, don’t adjust me. ” 
  • “ one, two, three, whore - i mean four - shit, three, four, five, bitch - i mean six - shit. ” 
  • “ well, congratu-fucking-lations. ” 
  • “ i got your back kid. ”
  • “ fuck the rules, fuck the game, fuck you tools, fuck you’re lame. ” 
  • “ yeah, fuck me for my hard works, fuck another r - word, fuck me for my hard work that got me into harvard. ” 
  • “ you’ve got sticks and stones to turn to but I’ve got words to hurt you, so save your bullets ‘cause you’re fucked. ” 
  • “ you think you’re clever ? you’re fucked ! ” 
  • “ i must be psychotic, I must be demented to think that I’m worthy of all this attention. ”
  • “ i’m wearing makeup. ”
  • “ ‘cause i wanted my name in lights when i could have fed a family of four for forty fucking fortnights. ” 
  • “ but i’m just a kid. ” 
  • “ maybe i’ll grow out of it. ” 
  • “ i’m a gay sea - otter. ” 
  • “ i hate catchy choruses. ” 
  • “ i’m a hypocrit. ”
  • “ take off your bra & burn it. ”
  • “ eat a dick ! ”
  • “ oh my god, honestly are you fucking five ? ”
  • “ i think i’ve made the right decision. ”
  • “ it’s over. we’re unhappy. ”
  • “ & once the dust has settled i hope we can still be friends. ”
  • “ eat a fucking dick, like this ! ”
  • “ put on your dick - eating bib ! get ready to gobble a dick up ! ”
  • “ i didn’t think you’d cry for me… i didn’t know you cared. ” 
  • “ lick my clit ! ”
  • “ sorry you’re not what i need hun, lick this clit then leave son ! ”
  • “ i deserve better than you ! ”
  • “ you got a job to do, you better do it right. ”
  • “ i like oreoes & pussy ! yeah, in that order ! ”
  • “ i’m looking for somebody to love… or put my penis in – ” 
  • “ holy fuck i think she might be the one ! ”
  • “ i just want her to — how do I say this — sit on my face ! sit ! sit on my face ! ” 
  • “ you think you’re the right one every time ! ” 
  • “ according to my calculations, uh, you’re a pussy. ” 
  • “ i saw a homeless man named rich. isn’t that just terrible ? ” 
  • “ he didn’t here me say ‘ look out for the train ! ’ …because i didn’t say anything. ” 
  • “ i went to a store looking for something to buy but they only sold paintings of the same sad guy … no, wait — this store sells mirrors – ”

the fact is I wanna position piper snd ronny as two sides of the same coin, each self sabotaging bc they feel like they don’t deserve love and something good for them outside the group of friends they have. ronny does this by constantly going after men who are obviously dangerous to him/straight and piper does this by acting like she’s “counter culture from the uhaul movement” by never becoming committed and deciding that being in a rut is better than taking risks for actual happiness. and the thing is eventually, like around the time endgame starts to come into play of them being happy and healthy they slowly have to learn how to get out of these mindsets and grow and for ronny that comes in the form of chris coming out and him realizing that this is the only good relationship I have with a guy and he’s cares about me a lot so why not and for piper it comes in the form of a kind of partnership with cassandra in their inability to form long lasting relationships n being stuck n in seeing that in the other person grow together and eventually find themselves in a rly loving n caring relationship. deb is pretty self sufficient n won’t start actively looking for love until she’s thirty bc that’s just who she is as a person

See I don’t know what everyone else’s opinions on why they love Discovery are, but personally The Everyday Misadventures of the Science Squad™ is the Star Trek series I’ve waited my whole life for 

That and Stamets is the embodiment of If Your Lab Partner is Being a Useless Dick, Be a Sarcastic Gay Arsehole to Them, and Spends Forever In the Lab Staring at an Experiment While Turning it Lovingly Over With a Spatula, Because it’s So Fucking Pretty, Why Don’t You Think it’s Beautiful, Hugh, and as a sad nerd science student that’s a level of relatability I’m here for,,