gay shit makes me feel gay

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So I've been getting messages saying that I'm harassing harry and louis bc i say they are gay? How is that harassment? I don't say it to their face they don't know who i am ugh these antis make me feel like shit :(((((

Being thought of as gay is not an insult. If people thought you liked apples and not oranges, who cares? Same thing here. There’s nothing to be insulted by because there’s nothing wrong with being lgbtia.

The antis are trying to make you feel bad because they’re homophobic, nasty people.

Don’t worry, sweetheart. Like Harry said, it all comes out in the wash x

hey I know you don’t like the fact that I’m gay you don’t have to bring it up all the fucking time I know I’m a disappointment you don’t have to always make subtle hints about it because I know trust me..

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Why do people feel the need to make up genders, sexualities, and everything else in between? To me there are only two genders, male or female, with the only sexualities being Straight, Gay, or Bi tbh. I'm not sure how to feel about Otherkin but the one I've met have always been decent and haven't tried to push their lifestyle onto me so??? lmao. Also why is the trans community on tumblr so toxic?

haha well i disagree that there are only two genders and i also disagree there’s only gay, straight, and bi since im pansexual sugar, but i don’t know why people make shit up either. like okay fine you identify as  whateverthefuck bUT dont be telling me youre fking voidgender or use bunself pronouns or that ur koisexual or something like please u just make the lgbtaq community look dumb

yfip: biodicks

-argues with me in a university post office/convenience store about me enjoying kale and how it has no health benefits
- says “i miss you more” when i kno that they could not possibly miss me as much as i miss them
- says shit like “im gonna marry Morgan someday and we’re going to have a family of birds and cats” …..that’s too gay
-makes fun of me for my Horrible taste in tv shows
- won’t watch Grease with me
- loves my mom and my cats more than me

i love gay shit tatu makes me feel so gay it reminds me of when i was a tween dreaming of being a lesbian. i like that im trans because it makes my relationships with women equally as gay as my relationships with men.. in mind, theres a bit of gayness inolved with whomever i date

today I was at michaels craft store and they have a bunch of wedding stuff there and I got really angry and upset when looking at wedding things because everything was “Mr & Mrs” not a single “Mr & Mr” or “Mrs & Mrs” and that makes a little gay like me very mad because it’s shit like that that made me suppress my feelings and put my sexuality in a locked box in the back of my mind for years and why I used to hate myself for being gay I hate that the world is just focused on the heterosexuals and only making sure their needs are meant and that they are thoroughly represented… just a little thought :)


When she says the word her mouth curls at the edges, like she’s laughing at some joke that I’m not apart of. She’s leaning on my headboard, with a cup of coffee in one hand and the cocky, relaxed pose that only a dyke after two glasses of wine and several orgasms can get. It’s that “I can fuck you better than your boyfriend” look. That “I thought you were straight when I first met you” half smile. It’s that “don’t try to take charge, you know your place” lip bite. 

It’s subtle. It’s the slight surprise when I say I loved my first girl when I was seven, the well meaning “not a chance in hell” when I reach for the check at brunch. For a gay relationship, this shit is starting to feel pretty misogynistic. You make me feel like my 16 year old gay beard boyfriend did. I didn’t take 21 years to come out and feel comfortable as a lesbian just to be placed back in a sexist, ego filled relationship. 

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I know for me I didn't call myself a lesbian at first because of how often ppl use it negatively (like when homophobes are talking about lesbians/gay women they always use the former and never the latter) and also I haven't seen it mentioned much, but (at least for me) it feels like in the media and such it's a very sexualized word (also some straight dudes use it that way) and it made me nervous for a long time to call myself gay. Anyway, it's nice to know it's not just me.

yeahhhh it still unconsciously makes me nervous like whenever i say i’m a lesbian my instinct is to say i’m just gay instead idk

sometimes i see lesbians (obviously lib or rad fems) shitting on women who do that because they must use the word lesbian!!! and i’m like hmmmmm shut up

but yeah it’s definitely not just you don’t worry. i think it’s pretty common and in my case i wasn’t even in contact with actual homophobia very often. just, you know, 9 out of 10 times i heard the word “lesbian” there was a somewhat negative connotation. this shit affects us and we barely realize

i hate my weirdass gay tagging system shit because i want to make a small subtle tag indicating like “serious kin gay” “"from my canon”“ type feels about steph the way i have ”#j" for jason and… honestly my general tag for blue basically functions at times as that for dick too, but, i keep hitting a wall because just #s is a tag ive used on a different blog which doesnt normally bother me but i dont feel good about overlapping the subjects, and ‘sb’ isnt Aesthetically Pleasing to me and just makes me thing 'strong bad’ anyway, so like… what do i do… it would bug me to break the pattern too much by not basing it on her name but i cant get past these other bullshit roadblocks. and i dont want it to be too obscure i like for stuff to be relatively guessable by context… eghhh

okay but in that other post i was basically saying that being gay/trans* and hearing people you care about talk about other gay or trans* people badly makes you feel like shit and bad for who you are. people who reblogged it telling me to take a joke, i can unless it’s not funny and makes me feel like people hate me.

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Stop being gay & think about this for a second: the search for Yuri post-Zaude.

desTROYS U,, HOW DARE U,, first of all u cant tell me to stop bein gay i will always be gay,, second of all its counter-productive when u tack on the whole shit re: zaude….. thiRD OF ALL!!!! DONT GET ME STARTED ON THIS U PIECE OF GRASS,, I HAVE SHED MANY ANGUISHED TEARS ABOUT THIS OK LIKE 

alexei dinoia–commandant, hero, guide, leader, role model above all. when he makes questionable choices and passes down shady orders, flynn knows that something’s wrong. he knows and it bothers the hell out of him, but he still obeys because he trusts in alexei and his vision.

it’s one thing to be betrayed by someone like that. it’s one thing to realize he’s miles deep on the road he’s always wanted to avoid, one thing to realize this isn’t it at all, one thing to open his eyes and think he should’ve trusted his own judgment rather than mindlessly following orders. but it’s entirely a different matter when you think that this man, this hero, is the one responsible for your best friend’s death?? like don’t give me that tsun as frick bullshit like “we just grew up in the lower quarter together” like please y’all shared e v e r y t h i n g, lived together as kids and up to their teens, joined the knights because they both had the same dream, same goal, same aspiration, same vision for the world and people around them; they trust each other so so so much like dO I REALLY NEED TO MENTION THE WHOLE GANGHREST ORDEAL W/ THE PRISON SWAP…

DRAGS HANDS DOWN MY FACE THEN YURI JUST DISAPPEARS AND THE LAST ANYONE SEES OF HIM IS FALLING FALLING FALLING (no one can survive that, it’s an impossible drop, the impact with the ocean alone would shatter his bones and kill him instantly) BUT FLYNN JUST KEEPS SEARCHING, ALWAYS SEARCHING BC HIS BEST FRIEND ISN’T DEAD (can’t be dead, not here, not like this, not him) AND ITS JUST U GHh ghh i hate you dont make me think about these things i will literally crY,,

You ever read some happy bi/gay manga and you get those fuzzy happy gay feels because its a nice slow burn of adorable love
And then you get fucking punched in the kidney buy some god damn angsty drama of heteronormativity because of course they would make shit complicated.

@wreathoflaurels help me out here you feel me RIGHT??

i hate how tumblr is words twords straight people 

like a gay girl says “i love girls” or acts sexual to females and its AMAZING AND BRAVE 10/10 SO PERFECT QUALITY BLOGGING 

But a straight guy does the same thing and he’s STRAIGHT MALE SCUM

Or if a gay guy ships a gay ship and hates straight ships ITS CORRECT AS IT SHOULD BE 

But if a straight girls ships a gay ship (and i don’t mean “yaoi” fangirls” ) it’s SICK AND GROSS HOMOPHOBIA

Like wtf?? I’m sick of seeing posts like 

“I’m SO glad I’m not straight!!11!!”

If a straight person is comfortable with being straight Tumblr will go out of their way to make them feel shitty about it. It’s so annoying. 

Let me make this clear, I am not straight, at all lmao, but seeing this shit is so annoying, like a bunch of teenagers trying to get “revenge” on straight people or something. 

someone just explain this shit to me

Here It goes...

I decided to make a blog based on the LGBT community. Throughout my life I knew I was different but I never uttered a word about it. Until last year. Year 2015 I finally looked in the mirror and admitted to myself that I am Bisexual. I am proud of that. No one will make me feel wrong about myself. Not even the bible can bring me down. Gay is wrong? I say God can eat my shit. Who decides what’s right or wrong? I love who I am, I love everyone else out there who is just as proud of who they are. Gay, lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender. Whatever you are I love you all. Those that still hide afraid of the outside world, don’t worry. One day you’ll be strong and brave enough to stand up and be proud, then you can shout it to the world and anyone who hates or tries bringing you down can be blinded by your fabulousness. 

I want to offer any support and advice to anyone out there. Any question I’ll listen and try my best to answer. Don’t be afraid. You’re not alone. 

So, there’s this one girl I like and today she made a passive comment about me being gay. I messaged her asking if she really thinks I am and she replied ‘no, maybe, idk, a bit’ I feel fucking shit 😫 I’m mainly annoyed at myself for making a thing of it but I couldn’t have just kept on talking to her knowing she thinks I’m gay.