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99film next new project “Queer Movie Beautiful”

The Actor “KIM Hyeonmok”, who is very New face, will be acting the main role “Pyeongbumhae” in this film, which mean “Ordinary” in Korean, an very ordinary boy at most things.

Coffee and choirs have turned into an all out rage in the streets~

People are dancing and drinking, giving free hugs and kisses, carrying banners and balloons, all whilst clad in everything from bunny ears to rainbow tutus to clown wigs.

There are gay ajusshi couples and young school girl lesbian couples and international couples and foreigners and Koreans and literally just everyone is here right now.

Positively shocked and amazed at this turnout. I’ve never seen Sinchon this crowded in my life. Daaaamn, Korea!

Kaisoo and K-media outlets























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Korea's Top University Elects First Openly Gay Student Body President

Korea’s Top University Elects First Openly Gay Student Body President

South Korea’s most prestigious university has elected its first openly gay student body president last Friday.

Kim Bo-mi, a consumer and child studies major at Seoul National University who currently serves as student body vice president, revealed her sexual orientation during a campaign speech two weeks ago.

“I want the world to be a place in which people who work hard do not suffer,” Kim told a…

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Love Conquers Hate // 사랑은 혐오보다 강하다

Going on in Sinchon right now is Korea’s 15th annual Queer festival.

Directly behind the main stage, a crowd of protestors have gathered, comprised of at least a hundred people who are praying and shouting, singing hymns, and raising their arms to the sky. They are lead by someone who is presumably a pastor. Behind him is an enormous banner with the phrase, “Homosexuality is not genetic.” I can’t make out the rest, but I see the word 회복 or restoration/recovery on it as well.

Meanwhile, with harmonies wavering above the protestors’ voices, a Korean choir stands on the main stage, singing songs ranging from Lady Gaga to the Rent soundtrack. A boy in the crowd stands with a rainbow flag draped across his shoulders. A street side coffee stand serves “Queer Coffee” to a long line of waiting customers.

There are about 30-40 police officers here, and half of them have stood to form a line, dividing the two groups.

It’s an electrifying dynamic, to say the least.

anonymous asked:

have you read? a sasaeng said sm will release something about kai's dating scandal after the lotte world even with ksoo. more proof or something. it was going around this saturday. that might explain why he look so sad last sunday.

hmmm it seems lots of people got this ask (who r u anon hmm u shady)

well, if this thing is true then i’m gonna take it as something that proofs KD is real lel

kxk is an old news, it was 2 months ago….why would SM (or anyone) release something about kxk again NOWafter KD fansign too? that shit would be hella suspicious.

i mean, kxk is “real” now for public and some fans, so why bother to prove it more? bc some fans don’t believe it?

but if it’s a real relationship why shady mofos have to release something that emphasizes kxk is real, why?

plus shady mofos were quick to dismiss their other idols relationship rumor – like for ex that rumor about a shinee member with a female idol (they were caught talking and [the guy] smoking), or vic and yang yang rumor, shady mofos only said ‘we’re gonna investigate it’ but until now they never give any official statement.

so if this is indeed true, it’ll make people question even more, bc why kxk got so many media play? 

why SM is so adamant on making their relationship to look legit bc bunch of “delusional people” on internet don’t believe it? LOL

bc JI is “shipped” with KS as legit couple (KD) and that makes his name bad (cuz apparently being gay is bad and according to some fans SK is so fucking conservative like Saudi Arabia even tho weeks ago they just had gay parade in Seoul hmm)?  but KD isn’t the only couple tho?

many fans see their other otp’s as legit pairs in kpop realm, so why KD is so special for shady mofo?

if SM indeed gonna pull out this card on us, i’m gonna laugh my ass off bc for me it’d be so downright obvious that’s something has made them feel like a cornered animal (hence why they need to retaliate by pulling out more “evidences”)