gay secondary character

so let’s just do a quick recap

  • there are no gay or lesbian squadmates
  • there are exactly 2 mlm romance options, neither of them are squadmates
  • there’s one gay character, a secondary member of your crew
  • there’s one lesbian character, a secondary member of your crew
  • for some reason bioware decided it made sense for an alien from a completely different galaxy to conform to the human, western gender binary and sexual orientations
  • there’s a trans character but it’s some rando on some planet that tells you immediately when you meet them that they’re trans (because that’s what all trans people do right)

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Why aren't you watching these shows??


Great Writing/Dialogue - Amazing Cinema-photography - Honest talk about Indian Reservation life - Strong Females - Senior (Older) Romance Story - Main Character is flawed but always an honest old school gentleman - Freaking Lou Diamond Philips

Hap and Leonard 

Great story telling/dialogue - Fantastic casting - Strong gay black male lead fought in Vietnam- White male lead is was a conscientious objector of Vietnam - Both male leads have a close relationship and very comfortable with each other- Flawed female character - Good balance of humor and suspense 

Wynonna Earp

Clever dialogue- Strong, sexually-liberated female lead - Strong black male lead - Lesbian relationship in which they haven’t “buried their gays” - Secondary Bisexual character - Cowboy Demons - Freaking Doc Holliday 

Samurai Gourmet

Adorable Asian man eats food and it is literally always the best experience of his entire life - FOOOOOD!! So much food, you guys - Samurai’s - Trust me it just a very happy thing to watch him love food so much

Grace and Frankie

I know some of you are watching this but literally everyone needs to be watching this show. They need to teach it in class rooms. It needs to be required watching for life - Literally nothing is better in this entire world - Ever.

Dark Matter

I mean this is last on the list for a reason but still Strong female leads - Space - and a diverse cast (I just started this one)  :)

Educate yourself - These shows are all on Netflix … so study up friendo!!

Watch Me: Riverdale

The Archie Comics are an iconic piece of pop culture. I never read them, but they’ve been referenced for decades across TV, film, literature, and probably even music. Everyone’s heard of Archie, Jughead, and the Betty vs Veronica rivalry. 

I’ve been anticipating the premiere of Riverdale since it was first announced. The Riverdale characters are perfect for a teen drama, and no one makes teen dramas like The CW. Gossip Girl and 90210 have been long over, and The Vampire Diaries ends this season. It’s about time that there’s a new scandalous teen high school drama that fills the void, and Riverdale definitely delivers. 

Of course Riverdale is all about Archie Andrews (played by K.J. Apa). I think Archie was the quintessential clueless good guy in the comics, but this teen drama version Archie definitely has an edge. 

Archie is an aspiring music producer, football player, and carrying on a clandestine affair with his teacher Mrs. Grundy (played by Sarah Habel). 

Archie’s dad Fred (played by 90210 icon Luke Perry) is very supportive of his son. Archie’s dad has a business, and hopes Archie will take over, but of course that conflicts with Archie’s music producer dreams. So we get the typical follow your dreams or follow your dad’s footsteps narrative. I don’t mind it since we get more Luke Perry on TV. 

Betty Cooper (played by Lili Reinhart) is the girl next door archetype. Betty is smart, cute, a hard worker, and madly in love with Archie. 

Yet Archie can’t seem to see Betty has feelings for him, since he’s too busy fucking his teacher. Betty wants nothing more than to have Archie as her boyfriend, and be the powercouple in school, though that’s all thwarted by the arrival of the sultry new girl Veronica. 

External image

Veronica Lodge (played by Camila Mendes) and her hot mom Hermione Lodge (played by Marison Nichols) move to Riverdale to escape the scandal of Veronica’s father being arrested. Sounds like daddy Lodge was sent to jail for a Bernie Madoff situation, so Veronica has to give up her glamorous life in NYC and slump it in suburban Riverdale. Betty Cooper (played by Lili Reinhart) is the good, smart, hardworking, earnest, girl next door. Betty is in love with Archie, but he has no idea. She’s constantly pining over him, and wants to make her move, but her plans to get Archie to herself are even further thwarted with the sultry new girl. 

Thus the Betty, Archie, Veronica love triangle is born. Betty, Archie, and Veronica are probably the most famous love triangle all others are based on. Who will he choose? The blonde, girl next door, who seems like the perfect wife, or the alluring, sexy, intoxicating brunette? It’s the archetype for blondes vs brunettes. I’m excited to see how Betty and Veronica will react to discovering they have even more competition for Archie’s affection. The women of Riverdale can’t get enough of that fit red head. 

I’m still disappointed Witches of East End got canceled after only 2 seasons, but thankfully I get to see Aunt Wendy again. Madchen Amick plays Betty’s overbearing mother Alice. Alice expects a lot from Betty, which forces Betty to be an overachiever. Betty has an older sister that had a breakdown and is estranged from the family since she was in a tumultuous relationship. Though Betty’s sister’s ex recently went missing, which casts a dark cloud over Riverdale. 

I can’t resist a diabolical redhead so of course the character I instantly favor is Cheryl Blossom (played by Madelaine Petsch). Cheryl is the spoiled rich princess who is queen bee in school. She’s head cheerleader, and loves causing drama. Though the Blossom family has been rocked by tragedy since Cheryl’s twin brother Jason has gone missing. Jason and Cheryl were super close, somewhat seemingly incestuously close. Jason fell overboard when he and Cheryl went for a boat ride, and then he wasn’t seen again. Cheryl devastated over her brother’s disappearance, though her bereavement seems to have only made her even more of a bitch. 

Of course it wouldn’t be Archie without his bff Jughead Jones (played by Cole Sprouse). We don’t see much of Jughead in the pilot, but he turns into the narrator of the show, as he’s working on his novel. I always assumed Jughead was the archetype for dumb guy best friend, but the Riverdale version seems very hipster, aspiring author, intelligent Jughead. Cole Sprouse is so unrecognizable from his Suite Life of Zack & Cody days. Puberty suits him well. 

Thankfully there’s a gay character with Kevin Keller (played by Casey Cott). Kevin is Betty’s gay BFF. He’s the token sassy gay bff, but he does get to have a hot affair with DL jock Moose Mason (played by Cody Kearsley). I’m jealous of Kevin. Moose is the hottest guy on the show. 

I’m all for a sassy gay BFF, though I do worry Kevin is just going to be another gay secondary character. I remember when Kevin was added in the comics since it only happened a few years ago. It was a big deal the Archie Comics were adding a gay character. I’m glad he’s on the show, I just hope he’s more than just an afterthought. He is getting his gay affair, and Kevin and Moose do stumble upon the dead body of Jason Blossom which sets up the drama and mystery of the rest of the season. 

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We even get a taste of Josie & The Pussycats. Josie (played by Ashleigh Murray) is an aspiring singer and since Archie produces music he definitely wants to work with Josie. She may even be yet another love interest of Archie’s. Seems like Archie is eventually going to fuck every single woman in Riverdale. 

Only one episode has aired so far, but I’m loving Riverdale. Riverdale is full of beautiful people, sex, drama, love triangles, gays, murder, rivalries, and plenty of scandal. It’s everything I want in a teen drama. I’m excited to see how the rest of the season transpires. 

So a gay writer with a decent body of work behind him, but not a huge profile is doing the “Sure, support Iceman, but imagine how much support a non-Marvel book with a gay lead written by a gay dude needs!” bit.

And I’m just kinda… “meh”.

Because I’m all for supporting indies, but that’s not quite what we’ve got here. The guy is a co-writer on a licensed book which has taken some admirable departures from the source material and has the standard $4 asking price. More importantly, I bought the first issue like a good little comics queer, and if I hadn’t been following the interviews and such, I wouldn’t have guessed this was a comic with a gay lead. If anything, it read a lot more like ye olde “gay secondary character pining over the straight lead” trope. (And, in fairness, the writers could be looking to undermine that trope down the road, but if that’s the case, I’ll be better off waiting for the trade anyway, because I don’t tend to have a lot of patience with that sort of thing.)

It’s the usual dilemma: Support marketplace diversity? Support creator diversity? Support queer visibility? Support books you’re actually enjoying? And how many of those four can your budget actually handle?

Meanwhile, Iceman’s first issue wasn’t perfect, but it was a nice piece of character work with a good balance between fun, action, and angst, hits three (arguably four) of the above, and didn’t come with a minor guilt trip. So I know which one is getting my money going forward.

@lordhellebore said: And this is how you’re a mature person, more so than most on tumblr. <3

<33 you’re too good to me

@einemelodieimwind  said: If I may add a couple titles: Mädchen in Uniform (the 1931 film, not the 1958 one), in which a girl falls in love with her teacher (and I won’t go in details ‘cause I don’t want to spoiler anything); and, hm, The talented Mr Ripley, which is not a lbgt+ film but features a secondary gay character -played by Jack Davenport- who’s important to the story (it a psychological thriller set in 1950’s Italy and I stop here ‘cause spoilers).


(MiU <333)

@nooradeservedbetter  said: madonna guarda, che poi voglio dire, lungi da me dire “accontentatevi”, ma l'attrice almeno era una donna :)) nel senso, madò. poi è vecchiotto come film. tipo laggente che odia il rhps insomma, capisco che non sia cosa da tutti ma…. ecco…. hashtag problematic? la madonna

eh APPUNTO cioè XD

per carità, tipo Danish Girl a me era piaciuto (anche se ho un problema alla base ma non è tanto su di lei) e capisco che abbiano usato un uomo perchè doveva “vedersi” che era pre-op e comunque vedere il prima e il dopo rischiavi che una donna sembrasse goffa prima o che una transwoman non si sentisse a suo agio, però è ovvio che se è una donna è più rispettoso

EH cioè alla fine i film sono prodotti della loro epoca, invecchiano anche loro :/ per il tempo era BOOM, ora forse ci sembra abbia dei difetti, ma cioè MEGLIO vuol dire che abbiamo fatto passi avanti XD

anonymous asked:

Just watched the first two episodes of the path and is it just me or is Hugh really good at playing characters that are vulnerable and tragic, but still strong and dark (if that makes any sense idk if it does)? No spoilers for the path just in case, but he was so brutal but still had this aura of "let me cuddle you" about him...or maybe it's just Hugh's face that makes me feel this way idek.

Hugh is really good at playing characters, I think. ;)

Seriously, though, he’s a leading man type with the acting chops of a strong character actor. Just watch him walk for two seconds as any given character and he’s that character, not whatever character you saw him as last or himself. He has a real physicality to his characters in addition to portraying emotion and his admirable skills with his voice and accents. 

Not that he doesn’t get mileage out of his big eyes and naturally expressive face, because he certainly does. But he can act, and Will Graham was a role of a lifetime for him because it had so much range helped him get out of the typecasting that had so plagued him, of basically romantic leads and a handful of gay or bisexual secondary characters, all generally on the “nice” side of the spectrum, with a few exceptions like his role in Martha Marcy May Marlene (who wasn’t a bad guy–he just wasn’t particularly nice). He had roles that varied (like Adam and Essex), but I don’t think a lot of casting directors could see beyond his pretty face to his skill and work ethic, or even if they did, they still only imagined him applying those things to a very narrow set of roles. I think there’s some danger now of being given roles that run to the creepy–ironically, Hollywood is nothing if not unimaginative–but one step at a time. Cal is a good role because it’s showy–he gets to do a lot–and in my opinion the role at least so far has the most depth and best writing of the three main leads (less telling, more showing).

That’s the great thing about Bryan Fuller and why his shows always have an abundance of such great acting talent, and why actors are always so eager to come back and work with him again. He sees more than just a face or body and understands what the word acting means. Not that he’s unaware of what a face or body can do, but he can look at a sweet face like Hugh’s and think, “Oh, look at how much leverage that will give me as a storyteller to write a character than can do all kinds of morally dubious and creepy shit,” rather than just thinking, sweet face = sweet character. 

1.Suicide is not a tool 2.Its LGBT not just L

It’s been really getting to me that people are boycotting and hating The 100 over the death of a character. Main and other characters dying is something that is common on that show. The grittiness and darkness of the show is something that I and other people that I have talked to actually enjoy about the show. I was planning on staying out of this situation, but just recently I saw a post about a girl who committed suicide after Lexa’s death on the show. This girl felt so alone and this show gave her hope for the future of representation and then apparently let her down. I give the utmost and sincerest condolences for anyone who has ever lost someone to suicide, weather in the LGBT community or anyone else for any other reason. No one should feel so hopeless and so alone that they felt there was no other way. However, upon further research on this particular case, I discovered it was faked. I find this absolutely disgusting. A letter was even written to Jason Rothenberg taking a long time to explain what the last sentence says, “You killed me”. This is diabolical. Before I realized this was faked I almost cried reading it. Imagine what it might do to a person when you blame someone for a suicide. I know that JRoth is not popular and some say not even very nice given the events with Ricky Whittle, but I have not yet formed an opinion on him and i don’t plan to. Mainly? Because I don’t actually know him. So that’s the first reason I’ve decided to write this and it’s the main one. Anyone who does anyone like this should be ashamed of themselves in my opinion. Attacking someone directly like and so harshly with something as serious as suicide is childish and plain awful. Suicide is not a joke or a tool you can use to make a point or express your anger. 

The second point I would like to make is about how ignored and I feel as someone who is bisexual. LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. By using “LGBT fans deserve better” to express your anger about a lesbians characters death is, in my point of view, plain wrong. The 100 has featured a lesbian guest star, a gay secondary character and a bisexual lead. I’d like to repeat, a BISEXUAL LEAD. If you are going to represent the LGBT community, please represent the whole LGBT community. I have found that I’m feeling disregarded because it feels like people are ignoring the other LGBT characters and the rest of the community. I am in no way trying to say that this was anyones intentions, I’m just trying to express how this is making me feel ignored. 

So I guess I’ve said everything I wanted to, thank you for reading if you got this far and if anyone would like to type angrily at me or have anything to say to me either positive or not, just message me.