gay secondary character

so let’s just do a quick recap

  • there are no gay or lesbian squadmates
  • there are exactly 2 mlm romance options, neither of them are squadmates
  • there’s one gay character, a secondary member of your crew
  • there’s one lesbian character, a secondary member of your crew
  • for some reason bioware decided it made sense for an alien from a completely different galaxy to conform to the human, western gender binary and sexual orientations
  • there’s a trans character but it’s some rando on some planet that tells you immediately when you meet them that they’re trans (because that’s what all trans people do right)

feel free to reblog with additions

good things about stargate:

- a canon lesbian whose storyline isn’t about how hard it is to be gay

- engaging secondary characters

- jonas quinn!

- deeply flawed characters who are trying to be good people and make good decisions but not always succeeding

- lots of hot people

- found family dynamics

- nice worldbuilding

- endings that were ambiguous enough to allow viewers leeway in thinking about what would happen while still giving some closure

- great soundtracks