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The Gays™
The Great Gay Migration™ of 2016
Yoga Mats™
The Bow™
The Vow™
The Bow Chicka Bow Wow™
Crazy science™
Lesbian not a unicorn™
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Vegan Ice-cream™
Heart eyes™
Bridal style™
Lesbianing together™
Be my little spoon™
Lesbian activity™

Harold™ Bare naked ladies™ Gal pals™

Thats all I can remember. Pls add on!

Random: Do you watch *insert show*?
me: Are there lesbians?
Random: uh no
me: no

something on genre fiction
  • not every story that includes gay characters has to include homophobia and gay angst
  • if it’s a fantasy world, you can just mosey on down and say that being gay is as accepted as having brown hair
  • if it’s a real-world setting, guess what? you could still do this. of course in certain circumstances there may be angst but sometimes you don’t have to.
  • bend the rules of society. throw them all in the bin and start again. that’s what writing is.
  • see: the raven cycle, ink and bone, a darker shade of magic.
  • your story is not about homophobia, it’s about dragons and magic and murder and whatever the hell else you wanna throw in there.
  • it’s your world, you make your rules. go ahead and make your happy gay characters in their happy gay worlds. i’m rooting for you.
  • make genre fiction your bitch.
  • the world is your fucking oyster.
May we all live to see each of our favorite actresses of old play at least one (1) gay character