gay rites

  • Lesbian Rite of Passage - basically one of the rituals that mark your transition from a baby dyke, to a former baby dyke. 

I’m an FBD guys. Well ok not exactly, I’m actually pansexual so I guess that makes me a former baby pike? (cuz y'know, baby bisexuals are baby bikes)

The Gay Women Channel makes YouTube a better place. 

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Guess who?! >:) paper, box office, seven, metal, murmur, aaaand gazelle

gonna go out on a limb and say it’s my favorite baby gay ;)

paper: what is your favorite novel?

the last book from meg cabot’s queen of babble series annnd all the heather wells mysteries tbh

box office: what is your favorite film?

are you ready for the top 5? bc it’s pitch perfect, music and lyrics, lua de cristal, just go with it and fever pitch

seven: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, or pride?

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if you don’t get the reference it’s def gluttony like my spirit animal piper halliwell

metal: do you have any piercings?

unfortunately no but i do want some beca mitchell ones on my ear one day

murmur: how do you deal with drama?

by outdramaing it, i’m very dramatic and no bitch is gonna outdrama me

gazelle: do you participate in the arts?

if you count my shitty writing as art then yes

thank you so much you oh so mystery anon ~  tender asks

Me: The rites, while supposedly designed to provide hope, act also to destroy relationships by separating those who care about each other. In a way, are they another form of the Commonwealth’s punishment? How much of this system is controlled by them?

Also me: Is Jodariel ticklish and if so what would happen if Pamitha tickled her with her feathers while they were making out

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tall girls, r so beautiful, luv me a tall girl,

wlw culture is being the short gay or the tall gay (also u rite tall gurls r 😩👌)

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one time I said "wow sonic and amethyst would be best buds together" and everyone thought I shipped them together like,,,

damn too bad thos people that thought u were shipping them don’t realize they’re both GAY!!! but damn u rite anon