gay rights rally

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I just watched this vine of some college professor telling students off at a gay rights rally and this blonde dude rushed up, dragging a dark-haired guy by the arm up with him, yelled "Hey Professor!",and proceeded to kiss the dark-haired guy, who looked confused but pleasantly surprised. Those boys are actually Enjoltaire reincarnate and nobody can convince me otherwise <3

Oh my god do you have link or something?? I need to see this, that’s 200% enjoltaire !!

LGBT people rallying behind Hillary makes me so confused. She wasn’t there for us when DOMA was passed (but she was for DOMA), she wasn’t there for us in the fight for marriage equality (she was against it until quite recently), she wasn’t there when Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was passed (but again she was there for the other side).

Bernie Sanders has been fighting for same sex couples’ marriage rights since before it was legal anywhere on earth. Not only did he vote against DOMA, he advocated for the right to legally recognize same sex partnerships. He fought for our right to serve openly in the military from the very beginning. He has invited transgender people of color to join him on the campaign trail.

He is the one who has fought this fight with us. I’m glad Hillary has evolved her positions, but I stand with the person who has been by our sides through the long race, not who joined us in the victory lap.

Kenisha & Jen.

“We got married in New Mexico. We couldn’t wait for Texas, but now we’re legal in Texas!”

“Could you tell me what you love most about each other?”

“Well we started out in high school, so… everything.”

“This is a 30 year thing here, so there’s nothing I don’t love.”