gay rights in america

The ‘LGBT Rights’ page has already been removed from the White House website along with the page concerning civil rights and climate change.

Lift your voices up over this hate.

Remember, we don’t elect people so they can execute their own agendas. We elect them so they can represent us in carrying out the agenda of the people.

Let them know what you demand of them.

I’d like to take a moment to reflect on one of this countries finest and purest moments.

Trump can spread descrimination and he can even pass anti-LGBTQ legislation but he CANNOT wipe our victory from the slate or void all that we stand for.

History will remember. We will remember. Love will always trump hate. United we stand.

To the millions of Muslim, LGBTQ+, women, all People of Color, disabled and immigrant humans living in fear in America right now: I stand with you. I love you. We will endure. “They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.” Take that to heart. We will continue to grow. Stand up for each other always. Stand up against the hate that is here, and that is to come. We will push back by coming together. We will make it. You are valid. You are strong. You belong here, you belong here, you belong here.


|| #Love trumps hate ||


Sign here #notourpresident

  • <p> <b>america:</b> this is a country where you have freedom and the right to practice any or no religion :)<p/><b>also america:</b> its against the bible ban it<p/></p>
Remember who you voted for

Remember who you voted for when millions lose access to health insurance, and can no longer afford the coverage they were born with

Remember who you voted for when 2x the amount of coal and fracking jobs are created because “green energy is a scam into pleasing tree-huggers”

Remember who you voted for when LGBTQ people can no longer marry the person they spent their entire life falling in love with, and God forbid the end up in the hospital, they can’t visit their life partner because the state no longer recognizes them as family.

Remember who you voted for when educational funding is cut in order to decrease national debt.

Remember who you voted for when abortion becomes illegal, and thousand of women no longer have the right to control their own body.

Remember who you voted for when white supremacists decide the fate of country that has over 116 million non-whites living in it.

Remember who you voted for when women lose the rights we’ve been fighting for since 1850 because were not seen as having capable hands.

Remember who you voted for when we stop battling climate change and the damage to this earth increases tenfold.

Remember who you voted for, when people of color, LGBTQ people, green energy advocates, and Hispanics are all viewed as burdens, rather than citizens.

America is not white.
America is not straight.
America is not men.
Our planet is dying.
Our rights are going to be taken.
And there are over 200 million minority groups whos entire lifestyle are threatened by this man.
Please think about your ballot.
Our lives are depending on it.

Could you just imagine if 80% of America’s favorite white fuckboys on TV got killed off by stray bullets ??

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The Founder of American LGBT


In 1950, in the midst of America’s most conservative decade, Harry Hay started the Mattachine Society, the country’s first successful gay liberation organization. Harry’s ideas would become the guiding principles of the US gay rights movement.

Harry began his activist life in the 1930’s fighting for worker’s rights in the labor movement. Soon after meeting fellow activist Will Geer, Harry became an active member of the Communist Party and a celebrated Marxist teacher. While later abandoned by most activists, at that time the Party was on the cutting edge of social change in the US. As fellow activist Frank Pestana says, “They were fighting for workmen’s comp, job security, medical care, social security - all the things that we have now.”

It was Harry’s experience organizing in these activist movements that gave him the tools he needed to create a secret, underground homosexual organization in Los Angeles. In a climate of extreme oppression, Mattachine provided enough safety and security for homosexuals to gather together and take steps towards their own liberation. The Mattachine Society would eventually spread to major cities across the country.

Decades later, in 1979, as the gay rights movement began losing its edge, Harry and three others called for the first Spiritual Gathering of Radical Faeries, reaching out to activists across the country. This first gathering launched a movement of Radical Faeries that is now active across the US and around the world. Radical Faeries often meet in rural areas, offering an alternative to mainstream queer culture. Radical Faerie sanctuaries now exist in the US, Canada and Europe.

Harry continued his social change work until the very end, speaking out, organizing, and inspiring a new generation in the fight for justice and equality. Harry passed away in 2002.

For more on Harry Hay, please see Stuart Timmons’ biography, The Trouble with Harry Hay , and Will Roscoe’s curated collection of Harry’s writings and essays, Radically Gay : Gay Liberation in the Words of Its Founder.