Done sugarcoating my POV

Since I’m debating whether I should close this blog anyway, I think before I do I’ll make a few posts with unabashed honesty.

I am staunchly pro-choice.  That doesn’t mean pro-abortion it means I believe the decision to give birth to a fetus is ENTIRELY the decision of the woman carrying the child.  Her soul is not mine to judge, nor is it yours.  If you are anti-choice and vote according to that narrow-minded belief, please fuck off.

I am not an atheist but I would support an atheist’s viewpoint over ANY living fundamentalist because you scare the hell out of me.  Give me ONE example of an atheist blowing up a building or opening fire on an unsuspecting crowd because of their beliefs and then we can talk about the evil of not having a God.. until then, please fuck off.

I’m older than most of you.

I militantly supported gay rights before most of you were born.

Global climate change is real and the greatest threat to the continued existence of mankind that this planet has ever seen.  If you disagree, please fuck off.

All men don’t suck and the continued hatred of male members of society on this site is disgusting.

I support transgender individuals but am really pissed off at your constant bullying of those born with a set of plumbing that matches their personal feelings of who and what they are.  You will gain no allies by being a total ass.

And last… stop believing everything that’s posted on tumblr as though it was the gospel!  More than ½ the shit that’s posted on here is despicable garbage.  

Thank you and have a lovely evening.

I really don’t get how people argue against gay marriage by saying “how will I explain it to my kids” because when I asked my second grade class who they wanted to marry all the girls said taylor swift and all the boys said harry potter so trust me what your kids don’t understand is your homophobic bullshit

TEHRAN, IRAN - Gay Iranian youth drink and smoke marijuana during an illegal party inside a house in Tehran, Iran. Homosexuality is illegal in the Islamic Republic, punishable by lashing or death. In 2006, two gay teenagers were executed in a high profile hanging in the northeastern city of Mashad, which sparked international condemnation. When the photojournalist working on this story asked his subjects if revealing their identities would endanger them, he was told that they “were already at the mercy of the government, and it was better for the outside world to know who we are”.

A historic nuclear deal has caused much speculation about what changes it may bring to Iran. As revealed in these photos, how Iran appears on the surface is often in striking contrast to what happens at the boundaries of official sanction.  See more from ‘Inside Iran.’ Photos by Getty Images Reportage.

Fired for fighting discrimination.

I was just let go from my job at Landry’s Seafood House in Union Station which is located in St. Louis, MO.

I was let go without being given a reason but this happened suddenly after I placed a call to Human Resources about a server/bartender/trainer named Tina.

Tina, in my short three months there, has had the audacity to say several absolutely racist things about many different races and cultures in my presence.

1. A “joke” about people from the Philippines piling out of a car like clowns.

2. Standing between two Asian guests, she just started imitating them in a highly stereotypical and offensive manner for no reason.

3. Saying that she doesn’t wait on Muslim tables, it’s just a personal thing, they scare her.

4. Saying the words “NIGGER F*****” twice to me and another black employee.

Despite informing my managers, she received multiple warnings…even after this final incident.

I was told to leave if I was uncomfortable or call HR on my own.

I did call them the following morning.

I was then let go after hearing that Tina had been telling other staff that the management told her not to worry, that they were behind her 100%,

We need to let Landry’s know that discrimination in the workplace is unacceptable!

Please call the offending location at 1-314-231-4040 speak to a manager and let them know that Tina the bartender should no longer hold a working position there! Let them know that it’s 2015 and we don’t tolerate this anymore!

Also, feel free to call their corporate office at 1-800-552-6379 starting on Monday! Help me fight this injustice!