gay reality check

Let Go.

In order to live, to actually live.
To be set free and have a sense of peace. You have to let go of the fear of losing everything that doesn’t matter. Let go of the vanity of social networks, the greed that comes with money, the gluttony that comes with being selfish thinking that it’s a “ME” world and blaming everyone rather then looking at ourselves as the problem. Let go of being perfect because it a goal that’s never reachable with alterations and filters and gimmicks. But when we accept your flaws and have confidence in who you are, you begin to shine the way you always wanted to. Perfect is yours to define, not the worlds. Our society is trapped. We’re like birds in cage locked in an air tight closet, Waiting to be set free. It’s funny because both cage and closet door locks from the inside and we hold the key. So what are we waiting for. Are we ready to live?

—  Andi