gay protestors


Modern Worshippers: Aphrodite

Everyone is beautiful to them. To claim a body type or color is superior to the others is a big no-no. All sexualities are valued and treasured; straight, gay, lesbian, bi, ace, pan, poly and anything in between. They love collecting tokens of beauty; flowers, pearls, heart-filled letters and emails, collages, clippings of news about stories of compassion. But don’t think that just because they say sweet words and give a flirtatious wink that you can do what you please with them; they’ll judo-flip you and tase your ass before stomping on you with stiletto heels. Some prefer a long-term commitment while others prefer one-night stands. A few send letters to their friends covered shamelessly in lipstick marks and perfume. All forms of love are valid and protected in their eyes. They encourage body positivity for women and men as they march with the protestors for gay marriage in all countries while looking sharp and smart in whatever fashion dejour they chose. They have the biggest hearts and longest of patience; Love and Compassion are very difficult things after all.

They have released the Dove and tearfully surrendered to Love.

I just walked by a anti gay protestor . I stopped ,went up to her , and asked her if she believed animals go to heaven . She smiled sweetly and said “Yes of course ” . I then said “over 1,500 species of animals engage in homosexual behavior. Lots of sex I’m sure . Should they be punished for their sins? ” she then stared at me in exasperation and walked away .

I am in awe

just in case any of you guys have never heard of the gay and lesbian kingdom of the coral islands, they’re a group of australian gay protestors who declared their own nation in the coral islands, they have an emperor named dale, they declared war on australia in 2004, and they named their capital after a gay nightclub in london