gay priests

sources of conflict in jojo's bizarre adventure
  • phantom blood: capitalism
  • battle tendency: the gay bodybuilder agenda
  • stardust crusaders: the bisexual vampire agenda
  • diamond is unbreakable: one man's hand fetish
  • vento aureo: Drugs...
  • stone ocean: heterosexuality and the gay priest agenda
  • steel ball run: the president of the united states
  • jojolion: general interuniversal fuckery
One of my favorite things to do as a JoJo fan is to spoil plot points about it to people who don't know JoJo, and watch them try to comprehend what you're saying.

“And then the one and only gay black catholic priest repeatedly destroys the universe because he’s mad at a marine biologist who killed his vampire boyfriend.”

“But that doesn’t make any sense, how can someone repeatedly destroy the universe?”

“By going fast.”


“Don’t worry though, a little boy in a Chicago Cubs uniform shoots him in the face resetting everything.”

Evil Twins nun ichi and demon ichi

Lenny: we need to expel every gay from the vatican and make it impossible for gays to become priests in the first place, without any exceptions

Also Lenny: *knowingly spends a lot of time with a gay priest, has no problem touching him/getting touched by him, makes him a cardinal, sends him on an important mission to help him overcome his trauma, prioritises his well-being over the mission, makes him his personal secretary once he returns and says he wants them to work on a better future together*