gay pride flags

I found this moment quite symbolic as I stumbled across these two girls intertwined with each other, hiding underneath a Pride rainbow flag as they shared a private moment together. In a way it shows how they feel protected underneath the rainbow, free from prejudice and labelling. In another light it could show them hiding from the world underneath what they find safe, but either way I think this is my favourite photo from London Pride, 2015.


hey friends!
you’ll probably remember when I made this post last year about my mom’s pride beanies… but now, she’s making pride scarves as well!! you can buy them in a set or individually!! 

in the photos are pictured gay/lesbian, asexual, bisexual, pansexual, genderqueer, and transgender, but my mom will do flags for ANY SEXUALITY OR GENDER! If you’d like a certain flag that isn’t listed here or on her shop, just send her a message! 

during this month (May), SHIPPING IS FREE so that you can get your pride wear before June, which is pride month!!

here is the link to her etsy shop!!

*NOTE: if you are in a place where you aren’t safe because of the way you identify your sexuality or gender, my mom will make sure to take precautions with your package. just make sure to let her know when you place the order!

(also a special thank you to my cute friends sarah, jasper, quill, lynx, and nick for modelling)


Rebel Alliance Pride Flags!

For all your Star Wars and pride needs. I can do more with other pride flags upon request as well

Feel free to use them for banners or icons, etc. Please don’t remove credit, the caption, or repost. A like or reblog is greatly appreciated! Take care!


Made some ace + romantic orientation pride owls~

From top to bottom:

Aroace, Ace and Bi

Ace and Pan, Ace and Poly

Ace and Gay, Ace and Lesbian

Ace and Hetero, Ace and Grey aro

People are free to use them as icons.

Other pride owls I made here and here

They can be found on my Redbubble