About coming out

Dear mom and dad,
Talking about this is really tough. 
And for what I’m about to tell you,
I hope you love me enough.

All those nights I used to cry,
You held me and wiped my tears.
Now too many years have gone by,
Maybe it’s finally time I faced my fears.

You often said being different was fine, 
Here’s me hoping that it wasn’t just a line.
Loving without abandon I learnt from the both of you,
I’m so much in love, I wear it like a tattoo.
My love fills me with hope and joy,
Please don’t let it matter that it’s a girl not a boy. 

I know it’s weird for us to talk about this,
Please understand, all my life something’s been amiss.
I know that you did not see this coming,
I had to stop myself from turning and running.

Now my secret is out and you know all about me,
Labels aside, your little girl I’ll always be. 

Dedicated to the anon who wanted to me to write about a girl who likes another girl and is finding it difficult to come out to her parents. More power to everyone who relates to this. Stay strong. Stay loving.

P.S - I’m straight

Nobody said ‪#‎AllLivesMatter‬ until we said ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬
Nobody said ‪#‎HeterosexualPrideDay‬ until we had ‪#‎GayPride‬
Nobody wants ‪#‎WhiteHistoryMonth‬ until its ‪#‎BlackHistoryMonth‬
Nobody mentions ‪#‎MensRights‬ until we talk about ‪#‎Feminism‬

This shows me that you don’t actually care about these things, you just want all the “minorities” to shut up so the status quo never changes.