gay parents

Here’s my reason for wanting Even to be the protagonist of season 4 :
- we need to see how parents deal with their child being mentally unwell. We’ve see how children react to their parents being unwell (Isak finds it hard to deal with and Magnus embraces it really well). I feel like it will help so many people out there to see the tables turned around, to see how parents can enhance your life if you just allow them to. We’ve not had the best parent-child relationship (Noora and her parents and Isak and his parents both have had their fair share of troubles) but Skam needs to show that parents are not villains, that there are kind loving parents out there who will do anything to keep their children safe (imagine if Even has two dads or two mums? Like how awesome would that be?).
- also do I even need to mention that we still don’t know barely anything about Even. That boy has so many layers to him (get it… okay I’ll shut up). I still have a million questions that I need answers to and having it from Evens point of view would make things so much sweeter.
-and just to add to the mix… more Evak. Need I say more?

Our little girl is a year old today. This time with her has been a blur. She’s learned how to sit up, crawl, walk, and this baby makes us proud every single day of our lives. Every time she smiles, every time she takes a step, every time she takes a breath, we’re always going to be there for her. We’re so in awe of you, Lily Elise Hallabrinne-Brzenczyszczykiewicz, the girl with the blue eyes and ridiculous last name.