gay parents

A long-term study of children raised by lesbians found that these children were less likely to suffer from physical and sexual abuse than were their peers who were raised by heterosexuals. This is thought to be due to the absence of adult heterosexual men in the households (Gartrell, Bos, & Goldberg, 2010). Girls raised by lesbians tend to have higher self-esteem, show more maturity and tolerance than their peers, and are older when they have their first heterosexual contact (Gartrell et al., 2005, 2010). Children raised by same-sex parents seem to be less constrained by traditional gender roles; boys are less aggressive, and girls are more inclined to consider nontraditional careers, such as doctor, lawyer, or engineer (Gartrell et al., 2005; Stacey & Biblarz, 2001). Over the course of more than 20 years, scientists studied the psychological adjustment of 78 teenagers who were raised by lesbian mothers. Compared to age-matched counterparts raised by heterosexual parents, these adolescents were rated higher in social, academic, and total competence, and lower in social problems, rule-breaking, aggression, and externalizing problem behavior (Gartrell & Bos, 2010). There are fewer studies of children raised by two men, but gay fathers are more likely than straight fathers to put their children before their career, to make big changes in their lives to accommodate a child, and to strengthen bonds with their extended families after becoming fathers (Bergman, Rubio, Green, & Padrone, 2010).
—  Martha Rosenthal, Human Sexuality: From Cells to Society, p.247.

Jehovah’s Witnesses video teaches kids to shame kids of same-sex parents

In the most recent video posted to the children’s section on the official Jehovah’s Witnesses website, the lesson is: The best way to handle lesbian moms is to tell their kids that their family isn’t going to heaven.

The latest lesson, called “One Man, One Woman,” follows the story of a little girl who sees a drawing of a family with two moms in her classroom. Confused, she runs home to tell her mom—who explains that those moms aren’t going to be allowed into paradise, because being gay is kinda of like trying to bring a bomb on a airplane.

Matt & Matt

We met online and had recently come out of long-term, tumultuous relationships. When we finally met for the first time, the electricity was incredible and neither of us could stop smiling the entire night! I had never felt that way with someone. Although Matt was previously married, from which his beautiful son was born, I am his first boyfriend. Almost two years later, I can truly say I have never felt more loved, and we have never been happier. I hope we’ll have the right to marry in our home state of Oklahoma soon because this is the one!