gay or alive

me @ me: u kno finn/poe isnt gonna happen and gay stuff has burned u so much in the past few months so just let it go

the tiny flicker of gay hope still alive in my heart despite every recent attempt to put it out: :^) 

  • Mulligan: I go back to New York and my apprenticeship
  • Lafayette: I ask for French aid, I pray that France has sent a ship
  • Hamilton: I- ehh *looks awkwardly at Laurens*
  • Laurens: I stay at work with Hamilton we write essays against slavery!
  • Hamilton: essays! Yeah, totally, That's ME! I write essays! whoohoo! I am the AL-EX-AN-D-ER AGAINST SLAVERY!!!!! Not throwing away my shot! Writing like I'm running out of time! There's a million things I haven't done, but I've written these essays against savoury
  • Mulligan & Lafayette: ............ slavery
  • Hamilton: yeah that's what I mea-
  • Laurens: babe hush
  • What I am saying: I just think same-sex couples are not represented well enough in the media. I would really like to see happy wlw or happy mlm in the TV shows I am watching.
  • What the straights™ think I am saying: No TV show can have a straight character ever again. Everyone MUST BE GAY. Burn all straight people alive.