gay nights

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JILLIAN i got a rainbow projector (which does exactly what it sounds like) so now i get to sleep under a rainbow of gay every night! i'm so happy! i feel so gay!

yay that sounds like a great gay time!!

BUT (jillian who takes psych and has become a nerd coming out) when you sleep with lights on you aren’t getting the best quality of sleep! the lights still show through your eyelids and your eyes have to continue to work to continue to process that light even though it isn’t really “seeing” it, which makes your sleep less restful. 

i used to have a suuuper bright alarm clock and i couldn’t even sleep facing it and sometimes i would just have horrible nights but i got rid of that shit and now i sleep so much better ? it’s amazing

so my advice is to be gay during the day and be 100% asleep at night lol

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Do you believe in Larry? I mean Louis and Harry And it's disgusting that they both (j2 and larry) have to hide or have baby gates I hate that

bruh i dream of ropes and anchors and ships and compasses and roses and daggers and oops and hi and butterflies and “it is what it is” and blue and green and gay teddy bears every night lmao so yeah i believe!

justlarrythings feat ed sheeran 

(i love ed)

yeah it’s so awful, why can’t people let the gays be honnestly

anyway to prove that supernatural really has a gif for everything im gonna summon one of jensen saying he’s gonna talk to larry about things closeted couples talk about

BOOM (can we appreciate the coincidence that here sam and dean are pretending to be a couple lmao)


Kristen Stewart, who it turns out is an INCREDIBLE Saturday Night Live host, just told Donald Trump off in the most wonderfully gay way

Kristen Stewart handed in THE strongest hosting job on Saturday Night Live for the season — scratch that, for about the last five seasons. In her monologue she addressed those times Donald Trump tweeted about her and then accidentally dropped an f-bomb on live TV in true dangerous queer lady style.

Gifs: Saturday Night Live


(Also, this quote is the ideal response to just about everything so we isolated it for your repeated viewing pleasure)