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The NFL has made it official that they will now recognize same sex couples on their kiss cam so that everybody can celebrate love

The NFL showcased its first same-sex couple in a kiss cam last year. And in an ad for Love Has No Labels, a campaign created in partnership with the Ad Council and R/GA, it announced its efforts to zoom in on a greater variety of people.

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America is literally a protest that became a country. The movements that shaped this country’s history have always sprung from rebellion. The civil rights movement, women’s suffrage, gay rights. Protest is patriotism and we’ve seem to have forgotten that.
—  Jim Jefferies

From the Jim Jefferies Show September 26, 2017. In reaction to Take a Knee in the NFL, and all over social media. But it is an accurate quote.

NFL ratings are down 15%…that is from, down 8%, last yr …..maybe if they quit turning football, pink, gay & non-violent we would watch more .

Oh….& we all feel so much better, now instead of not standing for OUR national Anthem they are giving the BLACK FUCKING POWER SYMBOL !!!

SPORTS not politics !!!!!!

GOODELL-OBAMA  must go….. get a real man for commissioner.
Texas Sports Anchor Gives Jaw-Dropping Speech On Gay NFL Players

Sports broadcasts are typically known for their punchy lists of best plays, epic goal countdowns and testosterone-fueled commentary. Which makes Dale Hansen’s address Monday night all the more remarkable. The Dallas sports anchor for ABC local aff…

This gives me hope for the world. 


Testosterone Thursday!

Even If He Is Now A Dirty Bird, Connor Barwin Still Gets My Testosterone Pumping!

Connor Is A Great Athlete Ally, Who Is Very Supportive Of LGBT Causes!

A True Sports Stud…

Now If He Can Only Get Away From Those Dirty Birds!!!