“He pauses for a moment, and my eyes flutter open, and he smiles, so I smile back.

And then he leans in to kiss me again, sweet and feather-soft.

And it’s almost too perfect.

Almost too Disney.

This can’t actually be me.”

-Simon Spier (Describing the feeling of finally kissing his boyfriend, Bram Greenfeld)

reasons why In A Heartbeat is probably the best movie for LGBT representation

-the main characters are gay and in love (obviously)

-they’re children, there are no stereotypes/sexualization , hell there aren’t even words, it’s so pure and fragile

-shows that children aren’t “too young” to figure out their sexuality or “going through a phase”

-emphasises on how closeted/confused children are scared to admit their sexuality because of society and homophobia

- sexually confused children can find relatable characters for the first time in… forever??

-shows homophobia in the purest and saddest way possible

-short and suitable for anyone

feel free to add on