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Gay workers may lose promotions, raises because of bias toward their voice, study suggests

  • Gay men and lesbian women may be passed over for leadership positions, and possibly even raises, because of discrimination related to the sound of their voice, according to new research.
  • During the study, published in March by the Archives of Sexual Behavior, sample groups were provided pictures and recordings of a mix of different speakers, some heterosexual and some not. 
  • The respondents were asked to guess speakers’ sexual orientations based only on the images and voices.
  • Next, researchers chose the speakers who were most likely to be perceived as homosexual and the speakers who were most likely to be perceived as straight: 
  • In a follow-up study, researchers played a short recording of the two “types” of voices and had subjects answer a series of questions about the speakers’ qualifications for an executive job listing. Study participants also had to supply a monthly salary figure they thought was fair.
  • Overall, “applicants” perceived to be gay were assigned lower pay and were more likely to be rated “in adequate” for leadership roles, regardless of whether they were male or female. 
  • The researchers also asked whom subjects would prefer to associate with, and found evidence of bias toward gay men. Read more (3/21/17 3:12 PM)

these two need a Good Talk but i have a soft spot for them

Hey so I’m an agender loser who is really in love with their gay ass boyfriend @bpd-dave and I could really use some help from the lovely people on Tumblr!

My boyfriend and I are trying to move in together to get him out of an abusive home where his parent’s are transphobic and refuse to give him the support he needs to live his daily life happily

I have a job, but between rent, supporting my mother, food, and backed up medical bills, I’m having a lot of trouble saving up money to get the plane tickets to get my boyfriend to Connecticut from Oregon.

I need about $600, and I’m really scared I won’t be able to get it together in time for Dave to move in. My paypal is and anything would help get him from an abusive household to a loving one.

Just please give some gay nerds some help.


HI I’m Chris and i really need your help

I have a girlfriend. She lives in France. We’ve been dating for about 3 years and I really want to go see her. The thing is, i can’t afford that. And haven’t been able to all this time.

BUT, recently i opened up an etsy shop hoping to make some money by selling chokers and the occasional bracelet. 

A few days ago, i found super cheap airplane tickets that would cost me a little over 100€ to go and come back.

I Still don’t have that money. Obviously, i can’t tell my parents “hi im gay give me 200€ to visit my girlfriend In France” 

But if i can save up the money myself, I Could Go, and be there, in her town, on her 19th Birthday. 

(YEAH, The Cheapest flight i found was Literally On her Birthday) 

My goal for now is 100€ so i can pay for the tickets. But if i can make a little more than that, i could even afford my staying expenses too, which, for now, my girlfriend is planning to pay for.

It would mean the world to me if you reblogged this and maybe even considered buying something from my shop.

TL;DR: I’m gay and i need money to go visit my girlfriend for her bday. Please help me out

- A broke kid that wants to kiss their girlfriend