gay men of african descent

The final damage of today’s accidental book haul:

3 children’s books (1 for Mom)

3 polyamory books (Including one about a werewolf/vampire/vampwolf triad)

3 1950s/1960s lesbian pulp fiction books

2 plain absurd eroticas (One with a vampire viking and another with a pirate queen)

An anthology of fiction by gay men of African descent

2 lesbian histories of the late 20th century

And something titled Cthulurotica that would probably make H.P. Lovecraft SHIT and seems like the intersection of @glumshoe and @thebibliosphere . Actually, come to think of it, I feel like I can blame Mama Joy for like half of these.


I mentor many young people of all sexual orientations. My “son” Leroy came to visit me outta no where. He recently married his boyfriend and they recently got their first apartment together.

He stopped by to not only visit me, but to retrieve stuff he asked me to keep for him.

Mind you, I’ve had this stuff for years, and we would see each other in between and joke about him “getting your shit” 😁

Finally he did.

So of course we had to get pizza and discuss his marriage.

He and I met years ago thru MySpace. We chatted and decided to meet. He chose me as his guide and gay parent.
I gladly accepted.

10 years later we are still a family.

Out of all of my “children” he is the most in tuned with Voodoo/ Santeria/ Candomble/ IFA and the history of Africans before and after slavery.

His husband is from West Africa.

Because HIV Positive Black, gay men 50 years old, like me, fuckin’ matters!

Older, wiser, and undetectable ! I was diagnosed with AIDS over 20 years ago!


Images of older Black men in same sex relationships isn’t profiled in many LGBT social media sites.

Sadly, mainstream media gives the impression that being gay and older is synonymous with being bitter, lonely, still in the closet or a midlife crisis seeking twinks to date.

We are here and there are many of us!

He and I both met while in our late 40s , now we are in our 50s.

Older gay/bi/trans men of African ancestry are STILL vibrant, STILL relevant, STILL learning and STILL sexy!

Oh, and we are both HIV poz- 21 yrs(AIDS diagnosis) and 30 yrs, respectfully. Long term survivors.

To all of my older single brothas hoping to find that special someone, there is STILL HOPE!


Women have been my biggest advocate and friend.

As a gay man I can honestly say had it not been for women of all sexual orientations supporting me in my darkest moments, I wouldn’t be here!

They’re part of the reason why I’m alive and kicking-plus they feel I’m hilarious.

Many of them have worked in the HIV field, personally experienced the loss of a friend to the virus, have many gay friends, and care for humanity. Some have been my friend for over a decade and others, several years, but I treasure our friendships.

To be loved is to be healed.


It’s been so hot in NYC that I developed a heat rash on my face, neck and back. It looked so bad that I had to leave work.

I’ve never had heat rash before, but my doc confirmed it. I was prescribed meds.

Anyways, my fiancé wasn’t about to let my fears about my skin and a rash stop him from being all over me. “You can’t give me your rash, so scoot over!” With air conditioner on blast we fell asleep and I woke up earlier than him but his heavy ass was hard to push off ❤️😂😉

I was part of a panel invited to speak at Hudson County Community College in Jersey City, New Jersey about being Black and Gay/Lesbian.

We discussed the presence of gay and lesbian people during the Harlem Renaissance.

The young man is an openly gay African of Nigerian and Liberian heritage and the young lady is an African American lesbian.

We discussed the commonality people of the African Diaspora who are gay/bi/lesbian/same gender loving/queer experience, as well as unique issues pertaining to Caribbean, African, African American, Afro Latino individuals whose sexual orientation is other than heterosexual, go through.

Because I’m older, I went into detail about how many gay clubs in the 70s and 80s made people of color show 3 forms of ID to gain access to enter, how life was for gay men without access to the internet and social media, and , of course,the devastating effects AIDS has had on the Black LGBT community.

The young man asked me to be his mentor , because although he’s out of the closet, he hasn’t really surrounded himself with gay people because he’s focused on his grades and plans for graduate school. He was amazed I knew about African food like fufu, peanut soup, jollof rice and red palm oil 😂

The young lady graduated from college and works in education.

Did you know the largest collection of MRA proponents is in India? India has the largest MRA group of any country in the world so if anything the MRA movement is primarily middle eastern with white men being the second highest, followed by latino men tied with men of African descent. Yes, gay men are included in MRA movement such as Justicar (A youtube user) and/or JohnTheOther (another youtube user) that have both shown up and protested in live demonstrations including one in a Toronto public park.

Male white-knight feminists protested that peaceful part demonstration talking about the needs of better education for young boys and mental health support to help bring down the overwhelmingly largely male number of suicides, yelling ‘RACIST SEXIST NO GAYS. MRA. GO AWAY’. The irony being one of the main speakers was gay, another African american and two female speakers mixed with 3 male speakers. The movement is pretty diverse.


A Regular Joe, Youtube, off someone saying MRAs are straight white men. 

Link died since I put it in my notes, or Youtube changed their system again, and I don’t think Justicar is actually an MRA, just anti-feminism.