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Dear College Students...

1. There is no such thing as “my truth”. There is only the truth.

2. Freedom of speech is more important than your feelings

3. Your feelings dont matter when it comes to discussing facts.

4. You dont have the right to impose your will on others.

5. Someone saying something you find offensive is not equal to violence.

6. Criticizing a religion is included in freedom of speech.

7. Being opposed to homosexuality is included in freedom of religion.

8. Social Justice is corruption of justice.

9. The concept of a “safe space” is garbage. You are an adult. Please be able to handle an offensive thing like an adult.

10. Taking tax money from Peter and giving it to Paul is theft.

11. You do not have a right to anything that involves you taking something from someone else. Ex. Health Care

12. Socialism is garbage.

13. People accused of rape have a right to a fair trial.

14. Encouraging concealed carry and self defense is not victim blaming.

15. You dont have a right to “feel safe”.


Hear that? That’s the sound of the liberal media ignoring this to maintain their narrative.
Kids Rejected From Religious School Because They Have Two Dads

A private Christian school in Tennessee has told a pair of prospective parents to look elsewhere — because they happen to be gay dads. 

Here is further proof that the 1st Amendment means everything if you are a journalist “Je suis Charlie!”; however, if you are a Christian school, you better not press your right to freedom of religion. If a gay couple wants to send their kid to your religious school, you better not say no, because you do not have the right to say no. There is no “Je suis chrétien!” (I am a Christian) slogan in your defense, 1st Amendment be damned!

The modern culture bullies some Christians by saying, “We can show up to your school, and be privileged, and entitled, to demand whatever we want. Yes, we can. No, it doesn’t matter if you are a private school. No, it doesn’t matter if you receive no tax money to help you. No, it doesn’t matter if your charter clearly says you profess the traditional Christian teaching about marriage according to 1st Amendment protections.

Even many Christians are joining in the chorus to say, "If you don’t allow gay married couples to patronize your school, you deserved to be judged and condemned for failing to live the Christianity that WE DECIDE IS CORRECT for you.” I find this absolutely unacceptable. This is not a totalitarian state (not yet).

VIDEO: Ted Cruz explains the 10th Amendment to Stephen Colbert’s clueless audience

Naturally, the low-information Colbert audience boos the 10th Amendment because they think marriage is in the Constitution somewhere.  Ted Cruz sets them straight, even as Colbert has to remind his audience not to boo his guests. 

here’s the video:

Bravo to Cruz for not giving a mamby-pamby answer when Colbert challenged him on Democrat pet issues. That’s what I’ve always liked about Cruz.  He sticks to principles, he communicates issues, and he doesn’t compromise his values depending on who his audience is.

Supreme Court to rule on states rights to decide gay marriage issues

If ever there were a power not relegated to the Federal Government by the Constitution, it’s the issue of defining marriage.  You can search hard and long, but the issue of marriage is not in the Constitution.  Now, the 10th Amendment says that any powers not specifically granted by the Constitution rests with the states.  

Today, the Supreme Court has decided to take up an issue that may test the limits of the 10th Amendment’s power. 

from USA Today:

The Supreme Court agreed Friday to resolve the national debate over same-sex marriage once and for all.

The justices will consider four cases from Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee, consolidated and heard together. They will hear 2 ½ hours of oral arguments in April and issue a ruling before the current term ends in late June.

The new challenges to gay marriage bans are destined to become even more of a landmark than those decided by the court in 2013 — United States v. Windsor, which forced the federal government to recognize gay marriages, and Hollingsworth v. Perry, which made California the 13th state to allow them.

Those rulings, while historic, did not resolve the threshold questions in the debate: whether gays and lesbians have a constitutional right to marry, or whether states have the right to ban the practice.

The justices’ hands were forced by a split among federal appellate courts, created when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit upheld four states’ marriage bans in November. While gays and lesbians can marry in 36 states, most recently including Florida, the practice is banned in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee, along with 10 other states.

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All it would take is five individuals who know how to read, and this issue will forever be out of the hands of Federal courts.  Marriage is not Federal issue, nor should it be.

For that matter, it shouldn’t be a government issue at all. The practice of issuing marriage licenses started specifically to prohibit interracial couples from getting married. It’s about time we stopped bestowing benefits on married couples that should apply to everyone or could be handled through private contracts.  Get the government out of the marriage business, both on the State and Federal levels.  

Marriage is a religious institution and should rest between two individuals and God. 

Shout out to the Missouri democrats who helped staged an all night filibuster against an anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment
I’m finally feeling a little proud of my state

But also, can we talk about the hypocrisy behind conservatives claiming they want smaller federal government but still trying to make sure it’s just small enough to fit into other peoples’ love lives?