gay mardi gras

“I said to my boy, ‘How would you feel if I went in Mardi Gras, as a parent transgender supporter?’ He went ‘Oh yeah, oh yeah!’ and I said ‘Fuck, I guess I’m doing it then!’”

Buzzfeed writes on the incredible float in the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras parade dedicated to celebrating families with transgender kids, and the parents who love and support them.

In the article, Buzzfeed narrates the stories of specific individuals, from parents finding trans parent groups surprisingly comfortable environments, to transgender teens finding community through secret Facebook groups and group chats.

In the parade, in the open, all participants exude in a shocking euphoria. 

“Being trans is not a sad story. And it’s not a new story. The only sad part is the way other people react.”

A group of 30 sistagirls from the remote Northern Territory Tiwi Islands travelled over 4,000km to Sydney to represent their community for the first time at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardis Gras. Photograph: Zak Kaczmarek/Getty Images + The Guardian.

Minorities within minorities often have an extremely difficult time because community leaders may seek to reproduce the most conformist stereotypes of the dominant communities inside their own families and public spaces as part of a bid for inclusion.

Go sistagirls!


I grew up not even knowing about homosexuality, because my parents decided against it. I didn’t even know about gay people until I was around ten.

I remember I used to see two girls kissing or two guys walking hand-in-hand down the street and thinking, “They must be really good friends, because girls don’t kiss girls and boys don’t kiss boys.”

I once asked my mum about the latter, and she replied, “Well, I guess girls could kiss girls if they really wanted to, but no, boys only kiss girls and girls only kiss boys.”

I actually find it really disturbing that my parents thought that way, like? What is so godawful about gays that you need to “protect” your child from them? Homosexuality is natural and it should be celebrated and recognised the same way straight couples are.

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Our rainbow smols deserve a chance!!

The asexuals at Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras are waving around giant engagement rings. Assuming the asexual community is like most non-LGBT communities and comprises of mostly cishets, this is a massive fucking slap in the face to same-gender attracted Australians who still cannot get married.