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A selfie after every workout I’ve done so far this year.

Just a gentle reminder to anyone setting themselves new fitness related New Years resolutions..

Don’t worry, even to us guys who’ve been doing it a while, it never gets easier. You just get better. We’re all in the same boat.

Keep going, you’re doing better than the people on the sofa.

Left, August 2013. Right, May 2015. 

Nearly 2 years strong into this game.

What keeps me going? No it’s not what I see in the changing in the mirror. But it’s what has changed between my ears. 

Education, discipline and happiness. 

Master it, work hard at it, and if you don’t love it, what the fuck are you wasting your time for?

There are so only so many fitblrs, blogs, guides, diets, nutrition plans, progress pictures you can follow and look up too. 

But you gotta find what works for you.



Today is day 67 of Body Beast
Workout Build Shoulders

Now with that workout completed I only have 2 weeks left which means I only have 12 workouts and 2 rest days left! Getting near the finish line so to speak. Today I tired the exercise ball for some them exercises and did all weights today usually for the some smaller shoulder muscles I would do resistance bands sense until yesterday my lightest weight was 15lbs and that kinda to heavy to start doing a lat raise at. I defiantly learn that 8lbs resistance on a band does not equal 8lbs dumbbells. The dumbbells feel a lot more difficult but I just have to work on the light weights and I will get there! Just need put in time and make sure I have good form.



On a personal note: This is everything about me right now. About how my fitness journey has changed.

Aesthetics is secondary. Beauty comes from joy. And pride.


Today is day 77 of Body beast 
Workout Beast Cardio 

Had a bit head ache today and was tempted to skip todays workout but I kicked up and rested an hour after work and the headache subsided and I made the deal with myself if I feel like my headache is getting worst from doing this workout I will stop the workout and call it a day. I actually think it helped I think mostly stress.. but anyways.. Hope you are all having a great day/night! 


Today is day 48 of Body Beast
Workout Bulk Shoulders

This workout was pretty great this one seems to fly by really fast. Which is nice I hate a workout that seems to just drag on and on. I matched all weight and rep counts from last time and hopefully next time I be able to up the weight in a few exercises. Progress takes time and have to give myself time!


today is day 13 of Asylum 

Workout Strength 

It was too hot to do asylum in workouts shorts hence doing it in my underwear. I also didn’t want the workout shorts rubbing on the new tattoo.. anyways going to take a shower. This workouts still a great challenge and excited tomorrow is relief which means stretches! 


Today is day 42 of Body Beast
Workout Bulk Shoulders

Feeling like a beast today made some great strides today with increasing my weight on half of the exercises in this workout and for the rest I maintained. I feel like this has been a successful workout and two the exercises are body weight ones but I guess I could throw on the weighted vest. I think I should give that a try. Tomorrow is rest day and it will be glorious! Hope you are having a great day. Cheers.


Today is day 17 of Body Beast
Workout Build Chest and Tris

Feeling pretty good about this workout improved in two areas went down only on one set and the rest the exercises I remained the same. Looking forward to the rest the week and the bulk stage of this workout.


Day 3 Of p90x 3 
Yoga X 

Another 30 min session I am sensing a pattern developing not complaining that its a bit easier to try and schedule 30 mins then an hour or hour and a half session of yoga which p90x had instead. This morning I could feel in my muscles that I need yoga which is really great and glad I got this in before having to go to work. Good luck with all your workouts. 


Today is day 6 of Asylum 
Workout Speed and agility 

Now doing this workout for a second time it is a bit better and now realize that Shaun T give you 3 or 4 short water breaks the first time I did it felt very rushed and that had no breaks. I tried to pace myself a bit better but still trying to push myself. I felt like did that pretty well. Had broke a into a massive sweat had to move where working out in order not to slip and fall. Otherwise a great workout despite it be 90 degrees at the moment. 


Today is day 25 of Body Beast
Workout Beast Abs and Bulk Arms

Feeling good after these workouts are now done. The Bulk arm workout is a good challenge the isolation hammer curl is one the hardest for me to do in this workout. I want to improve on that move as well the rest of the exercises. I am going turn that weakness into one my strengths by the end of this workout program. Feeling beastly


Today is day 10 of Body Beast 
Workout : Beast Abs & Build Shoulders 

Feeling really great about these workouts I really love doing the shoulders workout as well the abs. Only thing I wish was that the program had a level two abs workout that would be nice. I improved in two exercises by increasing the weight/resistance for the Ez Bar press and the Lateral raise. 


Day 3 of body beast

Workout : Back and Bis

Had a great workout today only thing is I wish I would have workout before instead of after… Otherwise felt some great bis pump and my back was looking great hence the photos. I want to try and push myself some more to improve my pull up and chin ups otherwise I am pretty happy with all my other exercise


Today is day 70 of Body Beast 
Workout Beast Abs and Beast Total Body 

Got up early had breakfast and finished my workout all before 10 feeling pretty accomplished. I like the pacing of total body more than cardio workout really glad I picked body instead of cardio. Overall for total body kept the weight lighter staying in 10- 20 lbs range for most the workout. Tomorrow is rest day and it feels kinda weird being at day 70 !  Where did all the time go?  


Today is day 45
Workout Bulk Legs

Today I stepped up my workout to a new level I wore my weighted vest and kept all my weights the same for this workout. My vest only weights 20lbs at the max weight which I have it at but when you are doing exercises with 20 to 30 lb dumbbells anyways it sure makes a heck of added resistance. I was working up a big sweat before done with the first exercise!


Today is day 79 of Body Beast 
Workout Bulk Legs 

Really feeling this workout! Well I put on a decent amount miles at work earlier today a little over 7 miles! Not to shabby also really excited to be getting a new tattoo at the end of the month it be on my other thigh.