gay male fitblr

Left, August 2013. Right, May 2015. 

Nearly 2 years strong into this game.

What keeps me going? No it’s not what I see in the changing in the mirror. But it’s what has changed between my ears. 

Education, discipline and happiness. 

Master it, work hard at it, and if you don’t love it, what the fuck are you wasting your time for?

There are so only so many fitblrs, blogs, guides, diets, nutrition plans, progress pictures you can follow and look up too. 

But you gotta find what works for you.


So I’ve been at T25 Alpha for 9 weeks now, but because of various breaks and disruptions in only at the end of Week 4 in the regime.

I’ve not seen any major transformations to my body but I’m generally feeling well and in good shape, and as this pic shows I’m pretty lean right now – I’m especially proud of my stomach.

My upper body has shown less change but that’s not a huge surprise – the alpha cycle doesn’t include much upper body work so I can’t wait to get into the beta cycle.

My body’s been getting very tired by the workouts though – I don’t think I’m consuming enough calories and as a result beta will be hell. I need to find a way to boost my nutrition before I get there.


Today is day 15 of Body Beast
workout: Beast abs & Build Shoulders

Feeling good about this being the start of week three and tomorrow being a rest day will hopefully make it even a smooth transition to the next block in the workout set next week. Pretty much all the exercises I did the same except for one exercise I was able to go up in weight. Progress even if just a little progress is still a step in the right direction. Hope everyone is enjoying their 5th of May.


Remember the set backs?

Remember how you kept moving forward even if you couldn’t see progress?

Remember the pride you felt for getting it done?

Yeah… now go kill those weights with that same will power


A selfie after every workout I’ve done so far this year.

Just a gentle reminder to anyone setting themselves new fitness related New Years resolutions..

Don’t worry, even to us guys who’ve been doing it a while, it never gets easier. You just get better. We’re all in the same boat.

Keep going, you’re doing better than the people on the sofa.

YOU can become apart of something great.

Help me grow this incredible network I’m so proud to be involved in.

Are you gay, bi, trans, queer or just generally fucking amazing? Do you have a story, visions or achievements to share? I’m looking to build a rainbow coloured collective of kick ass individuals making positive and healthy decisions in their life. Fitblrs with a difference.

I have MY story on my blog, but I’m looking for yours. You will feature the ‘Your Stories’ tab on my page, a long with a back link to your blog.

Please, share, spread the word, but more importantly, share your story with me. Inbox me for details!


I survived my first ever CrossFit competition. 

…In fact, I did more than survive. Out of 24 teams, my partner and I came 4th! 4th!The other top three where a mixture of amazing atheletes and people I had seen compete before.. and I was just behind them.

I can’t quite fucking believe it. Thank you ALL for your lovely messages of encouragement. Photos/info to follow soon. The workouts were disgusting, I’m sure you’ll love to hear about all the pain I went through.