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Unexpected Greetings


Nathaniel hadn’t realized how much of his attention he’d invested into Aiden these past few weeks, especially during his off time. What was usually time for fixing his bike or training the dogs, Nate realized he gave it to Aiden. So over the course of the three days he had left the blonde in Sweden, Nathaniel had returned to his routine, something he had grown accustomed to. However that wasn’t to say he wasnt already growing lonely. His bed was empty, and and with each passing night Nate’s libido grew, craving Aiden’s large hands and breath against his. In Nate’s defense, he tried waiting. But the more he imagined his blonde sex god the more difficult of a task it became.Β 

So, after purchasing some dirty gay magazines, and browsing casually, he found a particularly hot image of a larger, blonde man with a beard, and a younger, thinner and less built brunette, bent over a counter top. You could only guess what they were doing. And what Nate was doing. So focused on his magazine he didn’t even hear his cabin door open.

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