gay love is the best love


“Moonlight” stars urge actors of color to step outside the box in best kiss speech. ❤️

Ashton Sanders and Jharrel Jerome made a heartfelt speech at the MTV Movie Awards.

“On a real note, I think it is safe to say that it is OK for us young performers, especially us minority performers, to step out of the box. It’s OK for us to step out of the box and do whatever it takes to tell the story and whatever it takes to make the change,” Jerome said. “This award is for that. It’s for us artists who are out there, who need to do whatever it takes to get people to wake up.”


When you’re a salty hetero child who can’t handle the fact that an awkward lip touch between two white 12 year olds didn’t win over the romantic gesture of two closested homosexuals who finally embrace each other’s sexualities after years of self doubt as well as the love they share for one another. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

things i'm down for:

•kisses on the tops of ferris wheels
•hand kisses to quell my nerves
•rushing-because-i’m-gonna-be-late quick morning kisses
•slow n sleepy goodnight kisses
•forehead kisses when i’m sad
•photo booth kisses
•passionate late night kisses and urgent hands
•kisses that distract me from homework and stress
•a kiss on my blushing cheeks after u say something sappy