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Alec + jackets/outerwear in 2a

seeing falsettos

ive been thinking on this for a few days, but when i was in the theater to see falsettos there was an old man a few rows back and before the show, i could hear him talking about his experience with aids. this show meant the world to him in 1990, as a young man whose lover was infected not long before faslettoland began to play off broadway. he died a few months later. after the show he was crying, he was talking about “what would i do” and especially the “we’re just gonna skip that stage” line because they imagined they’d grow old together, even with the looming threat of aids in the 90s. the story of falsettos was reality for far too many, and it’s important to never forget that.

The sad thing about die-hard Trump supporters. You know, the ones who aren't bothered about Russia or treason or Trump being completely inept or anything like that. They think if they are making people mad (feminists, gays, liberals, blacks, Muslims, Latinos, etc), they've suddenly accomplished something.

They’re like the dementors from Harry Potter. (Well, if the dementors listened to Alex Jones, anyway.) 

They feed off of human misery.