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@apolloshyacinthus okay, i want you to take a moment to imagine that you are a man who likes men in early 16 cent. england. gay sex acts haven’t been declared a capital offense by elizabeth i yet, so you’re having a decent time, restrictive social mores considered. you’re a man of wealth, so you want to take a vacation. you’ve been reading untranslated petrarch. there’s a calling within you to visit venice.

you go there and have a fun gay time… you and many other men, whether they be visitors or permanent residents… you and so many other men that gay behavior has actually started to be considered a social problem in dear old venizia… you and so many other men that the government commissions red light district prostitutes to stand topless on a local bridge in order to try and entice you and your legion of gay buddies back to heterosexuality… you and such a vastly inescapable number of men who like men that ‘ponte delle tette’ (’bridge of tits’) is not only a documented historical event but also a surviving bridge that you can still visit today

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“I have no powers and not nearly enough training, but I’m doing this anyways. Being a super hero is amazing. Everyone should try it.”


Finally going through the rest of my free comic book day comics. Supervillains apparently celebrate Pride Week much differently than the rest of us. No word on how this fits the Hall’s gendered bathroom policies.

…also I’m pretty sure that Batman’s original counterpart on the Legion of doom was actually Riddler, not Scarecrow, but tbh the master of fear is a much better Scooby Doo foil.

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What do you think about Reiner's sexuality?


Here comes that question.

So well the thing is, at least to me, it doesn’t matter that much. I don’t care who Reiner wants to do where and where. I’d probably yell “Go get that booty Braun boii!” at background whoever he is with but I assume this answer is not gonna please you? If I try to give you a clear answer about whether he is from gay legion or a member of straight league, it woud be hard because of Reiner. Be careful, I am not saying he is bisexual either, what I am saying is that it is complicated and it is a huge mess because Reiner is a huge mess. 

At the beginning, we got this perfect brother like person everyone is looking up to. He is strong, he is reliable, he is the big brother ™  so him liking a pretty girl like Krista is the last combination of this perfect picture he is trying to draw and/or copy. But the real Braun underneath is not perfect or anything. He is lost, in every way. You can clearly see this at manga or at anime’s ep 31.

But if we look at the probably the sincere Reiner we can get at chapter 93, we also observe some similar patterns between Marcel Copy Reiner and The Actual Reiner. They both have papa sides for example. So it is really, really hard to draw a certain line. It is hard to say whether he is gay, straight or bi. Like I said, Reiner is a mess because Isayama wanted him to be a mess. Isayama wants him to be complexity becuase that is what Reiner is.

Thank you for the ask, hope this helps!