gay legion

Watching Legion 1x08
  • Or: How to make us empathize with a character in one episode.
  • Harvey Dent Marvel Version enters at the end of 1x07
  • Me: ...the fc are u. Don't you dare touch my babies. Die, you bitch.
  • Sees Clark and his precious husband and their son and omg "my handsome boy"
  • Me: ...I'll protect you. Cooperation is fundamental. You'll be saved. You're loved.

marvel moodboard : 

“I have no powers and not nearly enough training, but I’m doing this anyways. Being a super hero is amazing. Everyone should try it.”

space-x-prince  asked:

i noticed that theres a Pansexual Pantheon and a Asexual Armada, do you have any others?

Yes. Our nearby regions are populated by several groups, all of whom are friends with members of the Pansexual Pantheon. The Bisexual Battalion, the Lesbian Legion, the Gay Gang and the Transgender Team are all powerful nations. Every month, these nations congregate for a giant festival, including a feast with wild boar, lively music, and fun times for all.  

anonymous asked:

OK, so there's the Asexual Armada, the Pansexual Pantheon, the Bisexual Battalion, the Lesbian Legion, the Gay Gang, the Demisexual Division, and the Transgender Team. I want to suggest the Polysexual Platoon and Genderqueer Guerrillas. Opinions?



I got engaged a while back and recently found the perfect ring to give to my lady love. I am a little strapped for cash though and really want to get it as soon as possible.

As you can see I have varying art and craft talents and I would like to put them to good use!! I can draw pretty much anything. From cartoony to more realistic; oc’s, otp’s, your beautiful self, your bae, your pets, etc.!

Simple b&w outline drawings start at $10, additional pricing for more complex concepts.

Simple drawings (see the couple sitting) with color start at $15, additional elements or more complex drawings will cost more.

More detailed drawings (figure leaning against the wall) start at $20, additional cost for more complex elements.

Realistic drawings start at $30 and increase with complexity. The one of Shepard and Liara would be a $40 piece.

Pixel art is $10 per character bust.

That legion plush goes for $60 (including shipping and handling), but I am available for creating a plush of almost anything you can dream of. Base costs start at $50 and increase with complexity.

Please help this hella gay lady give her beebs the most perfect ring! Thank you! 😍❤😍❤😍

*breaks into a graveyard at night* man… It would suck if… I don’t know…. A hot lesbian vampire rose from one of these graves and drank my blood…. Leaving me just barely enough to convert me into a loyal member of her undead legion of gay vampire women…. That would be terrible